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Eat less meat, #green Monday makes its entrance

Actually, I've always been a hypocritical meat eater been. I eat meat almost every day. And I enjoy it, I dare to admit that. But I can't look a cow straight in the eye without feeling guilty. Let alone believe that that is that piece of meat on your plate. It's not even the meat itself that I don't like. But more the life that animals have before we eat them. I think more people are experiencing this. While the solution, I think, may be very simple. Completely vegetarian is the other extreme, but why not just eat less meat? Research shows that the meat consumption of the Dutch is also quite a ounce less may be. And then we also have to produce fewer ounces.

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Dutch people:real carnivores

I'm not the only one who (albeit in the company of my guilt) likes to eat a piece of meat. We love it in the Netherlands. The average meat consumption here is 100 grams per day. Not bad, you may think. However, the Nutrition Center recommends only 500 grams per week. Eating too much meat is bad for your health and the environment. But it is still an indispensable part of a meal for most people.

A report from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) at the beginning of this year shows that the Dutch eat too much meat. In addition, we eat too little fruit and vegetables. Recognizable? I also tend to think that I am getting my vitamins. And that my meat consumption is not that bad. But there is secretly a large pack of chicken fillet in the fridge and the fruit bowl is also empty…

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The Brussels sprouts too, darling

So we don't get enough vitamins. While we still insist on it en masse with our children. Should you also inject it into your kids? I have that problem with my hubby. How am I ever going to let my kids finish their plates if Dad doesn't either? That's a mystery to me. But luckily we don't have that 'problem' yet 😉 . You do? And how do you ensure that your children eat enough fruit and vegetables? Eating what the pot is about is one thing. But what should be in such a vegetarian jar? Do you ever cook vegetarian?

I'm not the only one who likes eating less meat, but I don't know how to vary vegetarian. And then you're sitting with the rest of the family. Long faces above green signs does not enhance the atmosphere either. And men, in turn, turn out to be very fond of their piece of meat. Research by HelloFresh tells us that 78% of meat-eating men would rather never drink beer again than never eat meat again. And that means something 😉 .

Women apparently prefer to give up sweets over meat. Yet they don't seem to find that a very dramatic dilemma. Personally, I still think it's a thing. Women are more positive about eating less meat than men. Two-thirds of them believe that there are tasty alternatives to a meat meal. Fortunately, because that is true!

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Alternatives for meat on your plate

You really don't have to miss that piece of meat with a vegetarian meal. You can serve a delicious meal with some extra vegetables, such as a large portion of mushrooms in your pasta sauce instead of minced meat. Or just a nice egg with the spinach or asparagus, instead of that piece of chicken breast or that slice of ham.

Joyce has been a vegetarian for years, did you know that? She's just not into meat substitutes like tofu, although she swears by a veggie burger on a bun. Add some onion, tomato and mayo… no one at a party will notice that this hamburger isn't made of meat!

Eat less meat with Green Monday

Green Monday; one day a week when you eat extra vegetables instead of meat. Not once a year (like a blue monday or a pink monday), but preferably every week. A bit like Wednesday minced meat day, but different!

Do you also want to eat less meat, but you don't know how to start? Then HelloFresh gives you that vegetarian support with Green Monday. And so I can use that myself.

HelloFresh helps you with a lot of green inspiration by sharing news, tips and recipes via groenmondag. And for that extra helping hand, you can use the code GREENEMAANDAG2017 until April 15th to receive a 20% discount on the (vegetarian) dishes from one of the HelloFresh test boxes. Hello Veggies! Are you also participating in Green Monday? Then share your green dish via #greenmonday. Then we inspire each other with delicious vegetarian dishes and you also have a chance to win great prizes.

For HelloFresh I was allowed to try out a test box. Of course the Veggie test box, without meat or fish and with tasty green ingredients! With which you can easily put a delicious vegetarian meal on the table. I'm looking forward to it – now hubby still.

Hello Healthy!

And then it's time:our green Monday package is delivered! As usual with HelloFresh, you will be kept well informed where your box is located. And indeed the delivery person is on the doorstep at the agreed time. With a package that looks a lot like half a greengrocer's shop…

The HelloFresh box contains 3 meals. And in this green Monday package they are completely vegetarian. Meat has been replaced by ingredients such as free-range eggs and cheese. I wonder what my sprout will think of that 😉 . For the taste, I go for pearl couscous with mushrooms. Also a nice bonus:in the recipe I read that it is super simple to make. So even I should be able to do that. Moreover, it is also described as comfort food, and even makes my hubby love it.

The judgment of my carnivore

Super simple that was right… but let the couscous also be super tasty! Because pearl couscous is larger than the regular variant, the dish has a nice bite. And a bite, carnivores usually like porridge! I probably wouldn't have thought of that myself, but HelloFresh did. Fortunately, the couscous goes well with it – even with my meat eater. The walnuts and cheese complete the dish. And that piece of meat? I didn't miss a second. Although my hubby started talking about fried bacon at one point… but he will get it again on meat Tuesday. In any case, he has completely emptied his vegetarian plate. And believe me, dear readers:that is saying something. We'll keep this meal in! Because eating less meat is (even with my carnivore) within reach.

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