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Young people suffer from new austerity measure dentist

Overdue maintenance of your teeth? Young people aged 18 to 22 can save money by going to the dentist this year and having their teeth checked.

The costs for a crown, root canal treatments and procedures on wisdom teeth can amount to hundreds and sometimes even thousands of euros. Acute complaints cannot be predicted, but in some cases patients know that they will be faced with an intervention in the foreseeable future.

Dentists predict that their practices will be very busy, now that dental costs will be removed from the basic package for young people from 1 January 2011. Now the dental care for young people is included in the basic package , but in June the House of Representatives decided that this arrangement will expire. This should save 110 million euros.

According to the professional association NMT, however, young people are a vulnerable group , because at that age they often have a unhealthy lifestyle that is disastrous for the teeth. The NMT has therefore sent a letter to the party leaders of the House of Representatives; a last call to abandon the austerity measure.

The NMT fears that many (studying) young people no additional insurance will take, but will avoid the dentist after January 1.