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meat pointer

The conscious carnivore regularly faces difficult choices. Pig or beef? Organic or not? Or a meat substitute? With the meat indicator it is now easier to make a conscious choice.

The meat indicator shows fourteen types of meat (whether or not organic) or meat substitutes whether they are good for the environment and/or animal-friendly. The pointer is printed in credit format, so it is very convenient to use, for example during rush hour at the supermarket.

What is the most animal and environmentally friendly product? Meat substitutes like Quorn and tofu are at the top. The best scoring meat product is organic minced beef † Why? Ground beef comes from 'milked' dairy cows, which have already produced thousands of liters of milk. Due to this high production, a dairy cow burdens the environment much less than a beef cow. Moreover, a dairy cow has a relatively pleasant life.

At the bottom of the list are rabbit, turkey and beef † Rabbits and turkeys are not that harmful to the environment, because they live in a very small area with many animals. As a result, animal friendliness is again very low. With beef it is the other way around:animal friendliness is not extremely low, but the proportion of food that a beef cow consumes and the gases it emits are very environmentally unfriendly

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