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My 11 Tried and Proven Natural Headache Tricks.

I don't know anyone who never gets a headache.

Even if it is only occasional, this problem affects us all.

Temporary headaches or recurring migraines, we want to relieve them as soon as they appear.

Are you looking for a grandmother's remedy to cure a headache?

Here are my 11 natural tips tested and approved to stop a headache .

These 11 methods are all cheaper than the drugs you'll find over-the-counter in pharmacies.

  • 4 simple tips for early symptoms
  • My effective herbal tip
  • For stubborn headaches, a poultice is the solution
  • Tea and coffee, 2 little-known remedies
  • Better than aspirin:magnesium chloride
  • The headband, my little extra thing

4 simple tips for the first symptoms

You have to act as soon as the first symptoms appear and before the small ailments turn into a big migraine.

There are already 4 ways to handle the situation that we told you about in a previous tip and that I summarize below.

1. A short walk to get some air.

2. Take a good nap.

3. To (have) a massage of the temples and the scalp.

4. Eliminate your pain with hot or cold.

A source of heat or cold is a very effective miracle cure to relieve you of your headaches.

For example, apply either a hot towel or a bag of ice cubes to your neck, depending on whether you like it hot or cold.

My grandmother, she immerses her feet for a few minutes in a basin of hot water and his hands in a basin of very cold water.

She opens and closes her hands as long as she can stand the freezing water.

For her, it works every time!

Heat diverts the blood from the head to the feet, thus alleviating the pressure.

As for the cold on the hands, it helps to tighten the blood vessels dilated by the migraine.

The advantage of this magic remedy is that it is fast and works quickly.

My effective plant-based trick

5. Infusion or inhalation :nothing like when the pain occurs, than to relieve yourself with mint, rosemary or lavender .

The infusions and inhalations of these magical plants will quickly relieve you.

To learn more, read my tip on the 4 free remedies for everyday ailments.

I explain the benefits of herbal infusion for headaches.

For stubborn headaches, the poultice is the solution

6. The headache does not want to let you go? Here is a natural treatment to quickly relieve headaches.

Apply to your forehead once or twice a day a hot poultice of green or white clay . The poultice recipe can be found here.

But that's not all!

You can apply, if you prefer, on your forehead and temples, infused cabbage leaves or a compress soaked in camphor oil.

This is another effective grandmother's recipe even if it is less known.

Tea and coffee, 2 little-known remedies

Now, let's see together the role of coffee and tea in stopping a headache.

These two stimulants are very valuable when your headaches have already started.

Discover 2 stimulants that can also calm headaches .

7. Black tea

For maximum effectiveness, add a clove to your black tea infusion . This cocktail of plants works wonders.

The anti-inflammatory action of cloves combined with that of black tea will help you fight pain.

8. Green tea

It will relieve you in the same way, if you prefer this taste.

I prefer it plain.

But there are very good ones with added lemon and ginger for a more pronounced taste and which will have just as many effects.

To know all the benefits of green tea, discover our tip on this subject.

9. Coffee

As much as I advise against consuming it as a prevention against migraines, as much when they are there, I encourage you to drink it.

This is the whole contradiction of caffeine:it constricts dilated blood vessels and therefore relieves pain . Drink it hard if possible.

Better than aspirin:magnesium chloride

10. The benefits of magnesium chloride are no longer to be demonstrated, in particular its virtues for strengthening the immune defences .

Magnesium chloride is an excellent headache remedy .

And the best part of it all is that it allows you to replace aspirin in a natural and also economical way.

The headband, my little extra thing

11. Wrap your head in a bandage u, a scarf or a headband of your choice. Tighten until you feel a slight pressure.

This will reduce the blood supply to your scalp, on the same principle as caffeine or a basin of hot water.

You can, if you wish, soak this scarf in vinegar water.

The vinegar is indeed a grandmother remedy against headache , since it is naturally antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

There you go, you now have how to cure a migraine :-)