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What is the typical profile of Wuhan coronavirus victims?

The Chinese coronavirus continues to progress and continues to claim new victims. Over the days, a typical victim profile has emerged, while some earlier cases are questioning the experts.

First case in France and peak of the epidemic

The latest assessment of the 2019-nCoV coronavirus reported 5,974 cases and 132 deaths . While the coronavirus continues its slow progression outside of China, the overwhelming majority of cases are in that country. Let us mention all the same the fact that a fourth case was identified in France on January 29.

Are we going to see the end of this epidemic soon? A Chinese specialist in respiratory diseases spoke of the arrival of a peak in the epidemic in a week or ten days. After that, death rate will start to drop . Thus, the expert is certain that the epidemic should not experience large-scale development.

What is the typical profile of Wuhan coronavirus victims?

Which typical profile for victims?

Since the appearance of the coronavirus, a typical profile has emerged over the days. You should know that most deaths are over 60 , for a median age of 70 years. It is mainly a question of a prevalence of elderly patients and sometimes suffering from comorbidity or the parallel presence of other pathologies. In addition, it can also be younger but sick patients , whose immune system is already affected.

Until a few days ago, the youngest patient to die was 48, but a 36-year-old victim was then identified. For experts working on this case, this early case remains an enigma. However, an assumption has been made. Some younger people may suffer more intensely facing the coronavirus. These would be people with a genetic predisposition leading them to contract more severe diseases.

If all the light has not yet been shed on certain enigmatic cases, another question concerns the actual number of cases. A simulation developed in Hong Hong on January 27 estimates that the number of cases is grossly underestimated. According to the researchers, the number of infected would exceed 40,000. In addition, the leaders of the study mentioned a multiplication of cases by two every six days , eventually peaking in April or May.


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