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What fruits and vegetables are in season?

What fruits and vegetables are in season?

Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day, do you already? It is very good ! How about stepping up a gear by eating 5 fruits and vegetables… in season? To be sure not to tangle your brushes, we have concocted a calendar, ideal for coloring our plates with greenery and fruity flavors. Discover everything you need to know to be unbeatable on seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Why eat seasonal fruits and vegetables?

Do you like to eat strawberries whenever you want throughout the year and not just in the summer? However, by consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables, you kill two birds with one stone:you take care of yourself and... the planet! Seasonal fruits and vegetables grow in their natural period and environment, far from greenhouses, and benefit from all the natural inputs of the earth. Richer in minerals, vitamins and trace elements, seasonal fruits and vegetables are real concentrates of well-being with a tasty taste. The little extra? These fruits and vegetables are less expensive, and do not require expensive transportation to get to your kitchen. Nothing like a change of colors and flavors to brighten up your little dishes... and your taste buds!

Nature thinks of everything!

Fruits and vegetables in season obey the (right!) laws of nature. Indeed, winter is the season for fruits rich in vitamin C, necessary for the proper functioning of our immune system, and summer is a festival of fruits and vegetables generous in water, perfect to avoid dehydration during the summer heat.

Autumn:cabbage is king!

Fall is cabbage season. Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi... There's something for everyone! It is also during this period that we find broccoli, beetroot, Halloween pumpkin, pumpkin and squash. You can also taste fennel, leek, celery, salsify and carrots to fill up on antioxidants. As for fruits, autumn is not to be outdone with delicious chestnuts, walnuts and dates, which are very rich in fibre. Pear, apple, plum and fig are also on the autumn fruit program, as are tangerines and grapes.

Winter:make way for vitamin C

Winter is the season for cozy meals at home, evenings by the fire and end-of-year celebrations! Winter vegetables are hearty and ideal for dealing with falling temperatures. Squash, spinach, turnips and other cabbage will be perfect for preparing comforting soups at a low price. Winter fruits are very rich in vitamin C, to boost the immune system and give the body a boost. Kiwis, lychees, pineapples and citrus fruits will provide you with very valuable fibers and nutrients. Winter is also the season for the avocado, which contains unsaturated fats and many heart-healthy minerals[1].

Spring:vary the pleasures!

In spring, nature wakes up and the colors come back to life! Jazz up your plates by eating spring vegetables:zucchini, radishes, onions, endives, beans, cucumbers and tomatoes. Spring fruits are also tinted with colors for maximum flavor:raspberries, strawberries, peaches, bananas, melons, apricots... Fresh spring fruits can be prepared both in salads and smoothies, perfect for filling up on vitamins and freshness.

Summer:red fruits and colorful vegetables

In July and August, the weather is nice and warm. This is the ideal season to enjoy vegetables prepared in salads or delicately grilled:peppers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, batavia, lettuce, etc. Also melt for the corn to color your dishes! But summer is above all the season of fruits rich in water and very tasty:red fruits, watermelons, melons, peaches, nectarines, passion fruits, bananas...

Our tips and apps for consuming local… and seasonal!

Fruits and vegetables are essential in the diet to stay healthy. The WHO estimates that eating more fruits and vegetables could save more than a million lives every year[2]! To help you consume seasonal fruits and vegetables, discover our selection of practical apps:

Tagable: a free app that will tell you about the fruits and vegetables of each season. As a bonus, you will have many tips for optimizing their conservation, but also for choosing them well on your producer's stalls!

Quitoque: no more waste with this app! On your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to consult many recipes for cooking your seasonal fruits and vegetables. The app also offers weekly subscriptions, and delivers seasonal products from organic farming to you every week.

– City Garden: do you know the concept of the box? Potager City offers a weekly box to receive at home, which contains a selection of seasonal products from local agriculture. No obligation!

Tailored nutrition support

In case of a problem, Better Being is there for you. Nutrition advice, personalized follow-up according to your situation, well-being coaching or alternative medicine to help you get off to a good start, be accompanied at all times!

In any season, fruits and vegetables will be your best friends. Raw, cooked, in salads, grilled, they will provide you with everything your body needs to function with energy. Tasty, seasonal fruits and vegetables combine business with pleasure by allowing you to eat green while taking care of yourself. So, treat yourself and let your imagination run wild to taste the best seasonal fruits and vegetables!

And to help you choose them well according to their seasonality, we have prepared a memo of seasonal fruits and vegetables, which you can consult here.