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Humidifiers at home, why should you?

Recently I have two humidifiers at home. After I have already tested various devices for, for example, air purification in our house due to allergies, I have now also become interested in humidifiers. I have found that these are actually indispensable in today's well-insulated houses and I am happy to take you along in my search for the different options that you have in this. In any case, I can already tell you the reason why I find it necessary to keep an eye on the humidity:my plants! So I have a humidifier for my plants, you can read my findings below.

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Humidifiers for plants, your skin and your 'breath'

Good. So I am now 48 springs young and have never thought about getting a humidifier at home before. Why not? It just never occurred to me that the current humidity is not at all optimal for pleasant living comfort. But for a few weeks now I have bought two Duux humidifiers for my plants. Not for myself, but to help my plants with cuttings and to provide the larger plants with a nice, natural living environment. In the end it is also better for us of course, a slightly higher humidity, but I only started to feel the need because of my plants, haha.

Why should you have a humidifier in your home?

  1. For your plants to mimic their natural habitat
  2. Our houses are too well insulated, which means that we save energy, but the air quality is deteriorating
  3. A humidifier in the house is also an advantage for wooden floors, furniture and, for example, your guitar and piano
  4. Higher humidity is better for your skin and nicer for your eyes
  5. Better if you are prone to allergies or prone to headaches

Undoubtedly there are more reasons to take a humidifier at home, but in the above list you will at least find the most important reasons. Well, for me reason 1 - the plants - was the most important to start with a humidifier. Since I've taken up a new hobby, I've been delving into everything surrounding plants. It turns out that the humidity in our houses is generally much too low. The more plants you have, the better this humidity is likely to be, but you can also give your plants a helping hand by purchasing a humidifier.

What does a humidifier do for your plants?

It ensures good humidity, that is clear. The right humidity for your plants is between 50-70%. This while in most houses the humidity is only between approximately 20-30%. So too little. And the consequence of low humidity in the air is that your plants can suffer from this:

  • you get brown spots on the leaves and the leaves can dry out
  • leaves begin to curl at low humidity (sign of moisture deficiency)
  • Dry out any flower buds
  • the tips of the leaf discolor and dry out
  • the potting soil dries out even further

Just watering your plants is therefore not sufficient. Now I have sprayed quite a bit on my plants in the past few weeks - after I have delved into this. But spraying yourself also has a number of disadvantages. It is of course labor intensive and water gets on the floor (or you always have to put all the plants outside). In addition, there are also plenty of plants that do not like drops on their leaves. The leaf then turns brown. But these plants do thrive at higher humidity. A humidifier is therefore indispensable for these plants.

Search for a nice and beautiful humidifier for my plants

I found it quite a search, finding the right humidifier. Now I also had some wishes regarding the device, and that doesn't make it any easier of course. In the end I ended up with Duux and I would like to tell you why.

What was I looking for in a humidifier?

  1. easy to use
  2. beautiful (!)
  3. no visible misting or fog
  4. not too much noise
  5. with hygrometer

Unfortunately, I did not succeed in the latter, the Duux humidifier does not have a built-in hygrometer. So I have to buy this separately to get a bit of a feeling with the humidity in the house. But otherwise he meets all points. Especially number 1 and 2 are really great!

Duux humidifier benefits

It is the most beautiful humidifier I have ever seen anywhere! So… do you not only think the moisture content in the air is important, but would you also like the humidifier to add something to your home, besides being nice for your plants. Then the Duux Ovi is your device! Don't you think he's beautiful?

In addition, it is also really easy to refill. I grab my watering can and just top it up. You don't have to take anything off or take it out, you just throw a splash of water on top. Admittedly, a bit with discretion, because otherwise the water will splash over it, but I think it's ideal. The air comes through the 'grid' that you see, but you can refill the humidifier on the entire middle part. Depending on the position of the device and the humidity in the house, topping up is necessary. On setting 1, it consumes 100 ml per hour and on setting 2, 200 ml.

You can't really hear the Duux humidifier at position 1 at all, on position 2 it makes a bit more noise, but that doesn't matter to our plants 😉 . At the office it is on position 1 and in the room at the moment on position 2. The latter is also good to have.

The Ovi is suitable for rooms up to 30 m². That is far too little for us, since the living room and kitchen are already approximately 80 m² together, so eventually another such device will have to be added, but the start has been made!

Do you also want to buy a nice humidifier for your plants? You can find these online at Duux!