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Just do a general check up, why would you?

Have you ever done that? Have a general body scan done, just to be sure? Or to exclude something? I actually expected that we would be fully vetted again. Especially now that we have taken out a new mortgage. But nothing is less true. The last time we bought a house we had to undergo a complete check up, but not now. But actually, it's not that bad at all to be fully examined every now and then. Even if you don't immediately miss something. Did you know that there are even people who have their health tested every year by, for example, a total body scan. Just to be sure.

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Annual body scan and check up is actually quite smart

Special difference between people actually. One would like to know in good time where he or she stands and would prefer to have an annual check-up. And the other doesn't want to know it all. If you are one of those people who likes to have an annual examination to see if you are still completely healthy, then you have to arrange that yourself by means of a body scan. It is difficult to go to the doctor to indicate that you are not bothered by anything, but that you would still like a full check. And even if you have vague complaints, a doctor does not just send you for a general check up.

Looking at your history

Like I said, I've been vetted before. At the time, that was not with a full MRI scan, by the way, but all in all a thorough check up. It's been 15 years alone. And since that check up a lot has happened in recent years. I have aged 15 years (hallelujah), but have also lost both my parents to cancer. In addition, my mother suffered from stiff joints and rheumatism and I also regularly have sore hands.

A total body scan with an MRI might therefore be smart for me. I already went to the doctor for my suspicion of rheumatism. However, he indicated that nothing is wrong. However, that doesn't sit well with me and my brothers and sister also insist that I have to be examined. At the moment I don't have any problems with it, but it can easily turn up again. And how nice is it to be able to rule out something like this with a check-up?

A check up from head to toe

So recently I spoke to someone who has himself examined from head to toe every year. Just as a precaution a full health check and body scan. And actually I would also like to do such a check up to know how I am physically. Last year I had an MRI scan for my torn knee ligaments and the tear in my meniscus, but no general check up.

Body scan without referral

But how can you have a body scan done if there is 'nothing' wrong with you? I am now behind that. Nowadays there are indeed methods to have a check up done without a referral from the specialist. For example, you can have a total body scan done at Or only an MRI scan if you have vague complaints but do not get any further with your doctor. And in such a case you can often get in within a few days. It's nice, especially if you do have complaints, that you can quickly go for a check-up and also immediately receive a result.

In retrospect, we should have done this much sooner with my father, for example. He really struggled with a lot of pain for at least a year before the GP took him seriously and referred him to the hospital. In the meantime, my father had already had all kinds of specialists in the field of physio, squatting and the like, but there was no thought of a tumor. With such a 'private' MRI scan we would have known what the situation was much earlier. Well, that is of course talking afterwards, but it did make me think about my own situation.

I have now reached the point where I think you should listen to your body better. Is your body telling you something is wrong, but can't find anything? Then you just do a general checkup to find out what's there. No doctor can stop you from doing that.

Have any of you ever had a body scan done?