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This is why you are more prone to allergies in the morning

This is why you are more prone to allergies in the morning

Do you regularly wake up with a full nose and itchy eyes? There is nothing more annoying than getting up in the morning when you have allergies. But why does it actually bother you so much more in the morning? We explain that to you in this article! You don't imagine it…

1. Your bed gives you the jitters

House dust mites are poisonous. These are little critters that get particles in your bedding which then find their way into your nose and body and leave an unpleasant feeling behind. You know, that tickling in your nose, eyes and throat. These critters love feather bedding. So change your bedding for something that contains at least 400 threads. In addition, you can also use anti-dust mite covers to buy. Another surprising tip is freezing your pillow. Put your pillow in the freezer during the day and let it thaw in the dryer for a wonderful night's sleep (without sniffling).

2. You regularly exercise outside

Pollens are the biggest culprit when it comes to a snotty after-morning. Do you get out of bed and then go for a run or walk your dog outside? Then you enter the danger zone. During intensive activities you breathe more heavily, which means you get a large amount of pollen in your airway. If you're at your wits' end, the gym is a good alternative to pollen-free exercise. The view is a bit less, but it does make your eyes tear less. And if you don't want to serve as a view for all those hunky men and women in the gym, you can always put down a yoga mat in the living room and follow your favorite workouts via apps or YouTube. Just don't do this near an open window, otherwise it makes no sense.

This is why you are more prone to allergies in the morning

How can you prevent morning allergies?

It would of course be much easier if you could prevent your allergy symptoms in the morning, instead of having to avoid them. To avoid unnecessarily changing many things in your daily life, it is best to get tested to find out what you are allergic to. For example, you can rule out that it is your pet that constantly makes your nose run.

With the correct diagnosis you can also look for appropriate medication. Allergy Pills often only work after one or two hours. Taking the pills before going to bed will probably help you sleep better and wake up a little happier. Be careful with medicines that end with a D, such as claritin-D. This type of medication can prevent you from falling asleep properly. And that's exactly what you were hoping for…

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This is why you are more prone to allergies in the morning This is why you are more prone to allergies in the morning
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