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This is what daylight and fresh air do to your health

This is what daylight and fresh air do to your health

According to meteorologists, autumn has already started. That means shorter days and more indoor living. But is it really healthy to spend so much time indoors? Daylight and fresh air have a major influence on your health.

No less than 83 percent of the Dutch indicate that they would like to spend more time in nature, while more than half (54%) indicate that they are only outside for an hour or less per day on average in a week.

This is evidenced by global research by VELUX, examining the effects of living indoors on our general well-being.

Influence on health

A lack of daylight and fresh air can have a huge impact on your health. For example, previous research at Humboldt University in Germany shows that insufficient fresh air and moisture in the house can cause various complaints such as:

  • Concentration disorders
  • Influenza symptoms
  • Fatigue
  • Throat and nose complaints


The mood also increases when there is a lack of daylight, according to previous research. Women especially suffer when the days get shorter. For example, 69 percent of women say that daylight has a significant to much influence on their mood, compared to 50 percent of men.

But not only mood depends on daylight, productivity also suffers. For example, 37 percent of women say that their productivity largely depends on the amount of daylight.

Bring nature back into your home

Because daylight and fresh air have such a major impact on your health, VELUX has launched a new campaign:Bring nature back into your home , with design tips that help people organize their living space with nature in mind.

After all, we are a real Indoor generation has become:we increasingly live indoors and have left nature behind us. That has to change. A team of experts and architects wants to inspire this generation to bring the outdoors in.

Marthijn Reekers, architect Daylight &Indoor Climate at VELUX Netherlands explains:“The relationship between nature, architecture and interior design has existed for centuries. In many homes, that relationship is disrupted these days. We would like to be a source of inspiration, so that people can furnish their homes in such a way that it feels as if nature is close by.”

Do you want to know how they take this into account with their design tips? More information can be found at

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