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Last-minute tips for walkers of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches

Last-minute tips for walkers of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches

The Nijmegen Four Days Marches starts tomorrow. Some final tips for hikers.

1. Drink enough
You should always drink enough, but during this edition it promises to get warm on some days. Drinking enough is even more important. Research shows that some participants are satisfied with 2 liters a day, others drink at least double that. Listen to your body. Also keep salt and minerals in your body.

2. Bring the right stuff
Don't forget your sunscreen and take the time to apply every now and then. Keep an eye on the weather forecast so that you are prepared for rain and shine.

3. Cover your head Protect your head from the sun and keep your head cool in the shade of your cap or visor. Also good to protect yourself from sunstroke. Wear light clothing, preferably light in color and occasionally seek out shade.

4. Tape your feet in time
Are there places where you feel your shoes chafing? Put tape on it in time. Is it too late and do you have a blister? Treat them properly or have them treated.

5. Do not take off your shoes if it is not necessary
After a few kilometers it can seem so nice, just take off your shoes. Do not do it. Your feet will be swollen from the heat and walking. Putting your shoes back on will not be easy and there is a good chance that they will be even less comfortable afterwards.

6. Download the app
The Nijmegen Four Days Marches has an official app for walkers and followers. Here you will find, among other things, the route, rest points, water points and the points where you can get medical help.

7. Don't rest too long
Sitting too long will make your muscles stiff. You may experience that later this week. So keep moving a little while resting and stretch and stretch your muscles or shake your legs and calves loose.

8. Be kind to your feet
Be extra kind to your feet in the evening and put them up.

We wish all walkers the best of luck.