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Are you well prepared for freezing cold?

Are you well prepared for freezing cold?

According to the Red Cross, many Dutch people are not well prepared for freezing cold. Poor preparation increases the risk of accidents or hypothermia. Are you well prepared?

Suppose you get stuck in traffic and it's cold? Do you have a drink and a blanket in the car? Three quarters of the motorists leave without food and sixty percent do not take any drinks with them.

Tips from the Red Cross

Preparing for frost is not difficult. A small effort, but in an emergency it makes a big difference.

  1. Bring something to eat and drink for the road. If you get stuck, at least you have something with you.
  2. Protect your phone from the cold. The battery drains faster when it is cold.
  3. Do not over inflate your bicycle tires. With softer tires you have more grip on a slippery surface.
  4. Wear layers. That way you stay warm and when you enter somewhere, you can easily remove a layer of clothing.
  5. You lose a lot of heat through your head. Putting on a hat is therefore a good idea.
  6. Do you know when someone is hypothermic? Download the Red Cross app for help and tips.
  7. Keep your body warm by moving. Even moving your fingers and feet helps.
  8. Make sure you have road salt at home. And also think of your neighbors, make their sidewalks ice-free too.
  9. Make sure you have enough fuel in your car to bridge a long traffic jam. Also put something to eat, drink and a blanket in the car.