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Is avocado oil the new coconut oil?

Is avocado oil the new coconut oil?

Those on top of the trends have been shouting it for more than two years:avocado oil is going to break through. Not only an asset to culis, avocado oil is also a winner in the field of beauty.

Pinterest has compiled a list of 100 trends for 2016 based on the pins of influencers. Avocado oil is one of the trends on the list. In 2016, the avocado oil would really breaking through. Check out the other 99 trends on Pinterest.

Avocado oil in the kitchen
Avocado oil is suitable for frying, but you can even use it to make avocado mayonnaise.

Avocado oil in your bathroom cabinet You can buy avocado oil especially for your skin and hair at De Tuinen, among others. The oil is great for taking care of your dry skin, removing make-up or as a massage oil. You can also use a drop of the oil in your hair, as a serum, to make your hair soft and frizz-free.

Not fond of coconut scent? Then avocado oil is definitely the ideal replacement for coconut oil for you.

Do you think you will use avocado oil in 2016, or are you already using it?