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What makes someone attractive?

What makes someone attractive?

Some people would prefer to jump on you right away, so to speak, while others you would rather stay away from. How does attraction work and can you influence it?

A matter of seconds You subconsciously determine whether you find someone attractive and whether he/she is 'relationship material' during the first ten seconds of your contact. Attraction has to do with appearance, but also with other factors.

The influence of smell
Biologist Claus Wedekind discovered, for example, that smell has a major influence. In his scientific research, he asked female students to smell men's clothing. These garments were worn by men without deodorant.

Mind vs. feeling According to Wedekind, we are instinctively attracted to someone with a different 'genetic composition' than our own, in order to attract a partner who can give us healthy and strong offspring. This could explain why we're just not that attracted to that sweet, good friend. While he - if you approach it intellectually - would be such a nice partner.

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