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8 things you didn't know about the pill

8 things you didn t know about the pill

Do you think you already know everything about the contraceptive pill? Guess again:here are eight facts that will blow your mind.

1. The pill can cause problems for vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian or vegan and do you regularly suffer from breakthrough bleeding when you take a light (<20 micrograms) contraceptive pill? Then your diet may be the cause of this problem. If you take the pill correctly, have not been ill and have no other details that influence the effect of the pill, it may be that your diet is the culprit.

How is that possible?
'The contraceptive pill consists of two hormones:progestogen and oestrogen', explains Professor Frits Rosendaal, who does a lot of research into the pill. "Progestin protects your body against pregnancy while estrogen prevents bleeding." Doctors from London suspect that a vegetarian diet changes the intestinal flora in such a way that estrogens from a light pill are not properly absorbed. This causes the estrogen level to become too low to stop bleeding and cause breakthrough bleeding.

You are protected
It is not the case that the pill does not protect well during breakthrough bleeding. Switching to a pill with a higher hormone content (> 30 micrograms) can prevent breakthrough bleeding.

Curious about the other 7 facts? You will find them from page 36 in the May issue of Santé.