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Avoid sugar? Read labels

Avoid sugar? Read labels

Do you want to avoid sugar? Read the product labels. Marije from Fitness Bible for Women gives us a crash course on reading labels and recognizing sugar.

Marije: “The basis of healthy nutrition and making choices is reading labels. This basis ensures that goals are achieved. Really, we don't get fat from a sandwich more or less, a banana (too much) as a snack or an extra scoop. not reading labels makes us fat. If you know that some types of bread, chicken breast and even tea contain sugar, then any healthy sandwich (with chicken breast and a cup of tea) is one too many!

Learn to read labels
You don't have to be a nutrition expert to make healthy choices. If you master the following technique, you have already gained so much and achieving fitness goals is only a matter of days instead of weeks.

Grab a product
I'm going to keep it simple and specifically expose the biggest scammer. Just grab a randomly packaged product and I'll teach you right away.

There are tables on a package. You can see here how many calories and fats are in it. You can skip this. After all, if the ingredient list is right, so are the tables (and calories). Therefore, always look at the ingredients list.

The culprits
Ingredients that indicate whether a product makes you fat and unhealthy (the biggest scammers!) are:
(cane) sugar, glucose-fructose syrup/syrup, high fructose, corn syrup. Look at products you would not expect such as bread, dairy, meat and fish. Fortunately, there is often a variety on the same shelf that does not have it (sometimes even cheaper!)

While you're watching, remember the following too:
The first three ingredients are more important than the rest. You mainly eat these. Avoid ingredients you can't pronounce and stick to the kind you know. Try to avoid E numbers (except E100 &E300 line) as much as possible.

Do your research. If you eliminate these products and replace them with the same ones without, absolute profit and success is guaranteed!

Go for it!

Avoid sugar? Read labels

Marije de Vries (1981) is an entrepreneur and works as a trainer and coach within the fitness industry and the business community. With a change program she developed, she helps thousands of men, women and employees make the transition to an ideal lifestyle every year.

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