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Why a dog is good for your health

Why a dog is good for your health

A dog has a positive effect on your health. 7 reasons to bring a dog into your home.

1. Dogs make you move
The dog needs to be walked and that provides exercise. People with a dog are 34 percent more likely to walk 150 minutes a week.

2. Dogs make you run faster
Walking a puppy increases your walking speed by up to 28 percent. If you walk with another person, that percentage is only 4 percent.

3. Dogs don't accept excuses
No sense, no time, rain... It's no excuse, the dog has to be walked.

4. Dogs lower the risk of heart problems
Because a dog has to be walked, dog owners have less chance of heart problems, obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

5. Dogs improve cooperation
Research from Central Michigan University found that working together in a group is better when a dog is present. The team members assess each other better in terms of trust and cooperation.

6. Dogs are good for socializing
You can easily make social contacts while walking the dog.

7. Dogs are good for children
Children who have a dog exercise more than children without a dog. Child psychologist Robert Bierer also discovered that children with a dog have more self-confidence. A dog is also a loyal companion, who always offers a listening ear.

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