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Tip:the Eetwijzer app

Tip:the Eetwijzer app

The Nutrition Center has come up with a handy trick for a healthier lifestyle:the EetWijzer app.

The brand new Eat Wiser app from The Nutrition Center is a kind of digital eating coach that is linked to your calendar. How it works? The Nutrition Center's app 'reads' your agenda and gives practical tips at times when you really need them, such as during or after exercise † The app scans the agenda for certain keywords, such as 'wedding', 'meeting' or 'birthday'. Then the app gives advice and targeted eating tips

During two weeks you will receive eight tips that match the activities of those weeks. After two weeks there will be another agenda scan place and you will be presented with new tips.

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For the coming period there are also different Christmas tips on the menu so you don't go overboard during the holiday season. In addition, the Eat Wiser app see how you can live healthier. After scanning, the app indicates where you can improve your eating pattern. Think of:more varied food and eat more regularly, choose healthier and serve smaller portions.

The EetWijzer app is free to download for iPhone and Android phone >