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3 Effective Solutions to Relieve a Sunburn.

3 Effective Solutions to Relieve a Sunburn.

How to relieve sunburn without Biafine? Indeed, we do not always have this cream on hand.

And to relieve the pain, in this case, nothing like everyday natural products.

Here are 3 effective solutions, based on tomato, potato and yogurt, to relieve sunburn.

And a bonus tip for facial sunburn.

3 Effective Solutions to Relieve a Sunburn.

How to

Solution 1

1. cut a tomato into slices

2. apply these pucks to the affected area

3. rub lightly

Solution 2

1. cut a raw potato into pieces

2. rub the affected area with a piece of potato

Solution 3

1. apply natural yogurt to the sunburn using a compress

2. massage lightly

3. leave on for 10 mins

4. Gently rinse off this poultice with lukewarm water

These remedies do not cure the burn, but soothe the sensation of heat and the pain associated with sunburn.

If your burns are deep, blisters appear, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

On the face

When you have a sunburn on your face, beat an egg white with yogurt. Put it on the face like a mask. Leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water.