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Lose Weight Through Scripture, a Tip Discovered by Researchers.

Lose Weight Through Scripture, a Tip Discovered by Researchers.

The value we have of ourselves matters. Writing about oneself helps to better understand oneself, to know oneself better and to appreciate oneself better. Appreciating yourself would then be a great help in losing weight.

Are you ready to write to get better? Or even lose weight by writing without dieting? I stumbled upon an article in Le Figaro describing a Canadian study.

It was a question of observing the contribution of writing in successful weight loss. I must admit that at the time, I was very skeptical on the subject. And then come to think of it...

The greatest of this world also wrote a diary:Victor Hugo, Roosevelt, Darwin, Baudelaire, Marco Polo, Tolstoy, Gandhi and many others.

1. Writing:A One-on-One with Yourself

When I was little, I did not understand the interest of the diary. And then I got into it. And I liked. I liked it because writing about myself and taking time for myself made me feel really good. Deposit my emotions at the bottom of an underground newspaper allowed me to channel myself and put things into perspective.

Coming back to the article in Le Figaro, I am beginning to understand how patients were able to lose weight by writing. If we write about ourselves, about our emotions, we learn to know ourselves better . We subconsciously desire to change and evolve and that is the key.

A head to head with oneself is increasingly rare today. We don't take the time anymore. Unhappiness can quickly set in without taking the time to think about its cause.

Knowing why we were able to start eating heavily can certainly help us to feel better about ourselves and therefore to lose weight. Understanding your past is improving your future, right?

2. Writing:Effective Personal Development

For the past few years, I've also been writing tons of lists . practical lists, poetic lists, personal lists.

One day, coming across a book by Dominique Loreau "the art of lists", I was able to put a word on my whim. Fortunately, because I was considered a compulsive maniac in my sixties (I'm not even 30, sniff).

For the author, we would all need the lists. As she says, writing lists provides me with essential support, saving time, a certain serenity. They are in fact a real personal development therapy. And it's free.

In the same spirit, I had written about the art of mindmapping. By structuring my ideas, everything becomes clearer and more practical in everyday life. It is a real source of well-being and daily resource.

3. How to get started?

- At the beginning, I invested in a good big notebook (I have several now).

- Before you start writing, you have to ask yourself two questions:What to write about? and How, in what form?

- In the form of a diary, or lists, also try to answer these 3 questions:"If everything were possible, if I had everything within my reach, what would my life look like then ?", "What prevents me of not having this dream life?", "What would allow me to allow to carry out my projects, to obtain this desired life?".

- And there, you have to start. I never bother trying to have a particular literary style in my sentences. I write as it comes to me . It is really very important. Otherwise, we get stuck, we run out of steam as an inferiorist writer and we don't move forward.

So I don't know if writing really makes you lose weight, but one thing is certain, writing is good ! So it costs nothing to get started.

And you, do you keep a diary or write lists regularly (apart from the shopping list of course)? Come talk to me about it in the comments.

Lose Weight Through Scripture, a Tip Discovered by Researchers.

Savings Achieved

Writing to get better means avoiding spending a fortune on psychoanalysis, personal development training, anti-depressant drugs, miracle weight loss packs or even personal coaching.

By writing, you are at the same time your own shrink, your pharmacist, your coach, your dietitian and even your source of well-being. No need to give you figures on the savings made, you will quickly feel the difference by taking only 20 minutes a day for yourself.