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Burn Bay Leaves At Home And Watch What Happens After 10 Mins.

Burn Bay Leaves At Home And Watch What Happens After 10 Mins.

If you've ever been to a yoga studio, you may have to be smelled a particular odor.

This is because fumigation is often practiced there.

It is a Native American tradition that uses the smoke of sacred herbs to purify a room. This ritual is like burning incense.

And very often, bay leaves are used for this practice.

It must be said that bay leaves have unsuspected benefits . Watch:

Burn Bay Leaves At Home And Watch What Happens After 10 Mins.

  • Why bay leaves?
  • The benefits of bay leaves
  • How to use bay leaves?
  • Result
  • Precautions

Why bay leaves?

Bay leaves have been at the heart of legends for millennia.

They have played an important role in traditions Roman or Greek and are ubiquitous in Indian or Caribbean culture.

For Native Americans, this leaf is sacred.

We can say today that this plant has stood the test of time.

Bay leaves aren't just used in dishes .

It is also a frequently used ingredient for perfuming creams, lotions, toilet waters, soaps and detergents.

The benefits of bay leaves

Why burn bay leaves in the house?

Because the virtues of bay leaves have been recognized for a long time.

Traditionally, bay leaf is used as a sedative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory .

But this herb also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

It also lowers blood pressure and heart pressure.

It is therefore used to treat insomnia, stress and improve mood .

It's always better than using drugs, isn't it?

Especially since it is much more economical and natural.

And it's very simple.

How to use bay leaves?

1. Make sure your bay leaves are completely dry.

2. Take a metal container like a small saucepan.

3. Light a bay leaf with a lighter.

Burn Bay Leaves At Home And Watch What Happens After 10 Mins.

4. Place the leaf in the container for it to burn.

5. Leave to act for 10 min .


There you go, thanks to the bay leaves, you will feel less stressed in just 10 mins :-)

Now you know how to burn bay leaves in the house!

When you enter the room, the smoke will relax you and release your muscular tensions.

No, it's not magic! The fumigation of bay leaves has the power to relax you thanks to its virtues.

Of course, nothing prevents you from also cooking bay leaves to take advantage of all their benefits.

Just be sure to remove the leaves before serving your dish, as they are not eaten.


Be careful, do not confuse the bay leaves.

There are ornamental laurels that make beautiful pink or white flowers.

These are the cherry laurel, the Portuguese laurel, the oleander or the oleander...

Some of these leaves are very poisonous . They should therefore not be used.

The aromatic species is the laurel-sauce or noble laurel which can be used in the kitchen to flavor dishes.

It is the leaves of this species that should be used to purify your home .