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How to Reduce the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking?

How to Reduce the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking?

Quitting smoking is not easy.

The will meets day after day with vicious obstacles such as:intense fatigue, uncontrollable cravings, mood swings and many others.

As an ex-smoker, here are my tips to help you fight against these inconveniences, often sources of recidivism and abandonment!

Indeed, there are simple tips to reduce the side effects of quitting smoking. Watch:

How to Reduce the Side Effects of Quitting Smoking?

  • 1. Against fatigue
  • 2. Stop Constipation
  • 3. Stop cravings
  • 4. Sleep better
  • 5. Control your moods

1. Against fatigue

A new non-smoker must compensate for his ex-smoker's vitamin C deficiency.

I therefore prefer fruits and vegetables such as blackcurrant, kiwi, parsley, horseradish, Brussels sprouts, watercress, cauliflower, citrus fruits.

My favorite is still the rose hip, the rosehip flower, which is 100 times richer in vitamin C than orange.

And besides, it is found in our forests, no need to buy it!

2. Stop constipation

First, you have to hydrate yourself . I drink a lot, so! Laxative and vitamin-packed fruits remain prunes, blueberries, grapes and dates.

But it's not always the season.

So I strongly advise you to invest in magnesium chloride to dilute in a liter of water.

I drink half a glass of it before each meal as a cure for one or two weeks.

agar-agar is equally surprising for its laxative effects!

3. Stop cravings

Many ex-smokers complainof gaining pounds after quitting smoking. Natural appetite suppressants do exist.

Fruits, again, are excellent appetite suppressants. I give myself an apple before the meal or a good lemon juice diluted in water.

I am also an agar-agar enthusiast. It bulks up in my stomach and quickly causes a feeling of satiety.

I add it to my yogurts, my soups, or in my homemade recipes.

4. Sleep better

Anticipate insomnia! I prepare some herbal teas (chamomile, verbena, lime blossom) and I treat myself to a nice hot bath before going to sleep. I also add essential oils chamomile or pine.

On my pillow, I also pour a few drops of essential oil of lavender or rosewood. Relaxation and serenity guaranteed. Sweet dreams!

5. Control your moods

Here, not really advice, you have to control yourself! The Bach flower Walnut helped me to live this transition period more easily.

You will find it in pharmacies or specialized stores.

One last tip...

Occupy your mind and hands as soon as possible and especially at the crucial moments of your old habits.

For example, after meals, during your coffee breaks, in the evening.

Me, I was chewing liquorice sticks , very useful. I always have one in my bag in case I get itchy in the evening.

Good luck!