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Weight Loss:The Perfect Time to Move.

Weight Loss:The Perfect Time to Move.

Want to lose some weight.

And for that, it's decided:you're going to play sports!

Yes, but when ? Rather morning or evening?

Depending on the time of day we train, the benefits on our weight loss are not the same.

So when is the best time to achieve our goals?

Weight Loss:The Perfect Time to Move.

  • Training in the morning?
  • Disadvantages of morning exercise
  • My solution:exercise in the evening after dinner

Training in the morning?

Among our friends, some tell us that they usually get up at dawn to run.

As if that weren't hard enough, they add that they leave their homes with empty stomachs, and that they wait for their return to swallow their breakfast.

Is it really the right time to eliminate unwanted fat? Yes and no.

Yes, because when we wake up, our calories consumed at dinner the night before have already been consumed during the night .

We therefore wake up with an "empty stomach", and the energy supplied to the muscles during exercise must necessarily be taken from fat.

Disadvantages of morning sports

However, I see two drawbacks to waking up jogging:

1. If our body is not sufficiently trained to draw its energy from fat, it will persist in emptying our last carbohydrate reserves.

Result:we find ourselves in hypoglycemia, which can lead to discomfort. The day starts badly!

2. Wake-up jogging raises our energy needs from the start of the day.

As a result, once digested breakfast, we quickly realize that we lack energy resources and hunger torments us all day.

There are two options left:be patient at the risk of falling into hypoglycemia or eat more, which cancels the benefit of our morning outing.

My solution:exercise in the evening after dinner

The best way to burn calories efficiently and with complete peace of mind is in the evening, after dinner.


- The evening is a privileged moment for physical activity:we consume more there than the rest of the day.

- After our session, our body continues to expend more energy than normal. And since we don't eat afterwards, stocks don't replenish.

- It is therefore during the night that fat consumption occurs.

Inevitably, the stomach empties, but there is no risk of cracking on food:we sleep! Clever, isn't it?

A little advice: this pre-night session doesn't have to be a grueling jog or workout.

A short walk will do just fine, as will a light weight/strengthening session, the idea being simply to fire up our calorie machine before nightfall.