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How to Lose Weight Effectively and Quickly Thanks to the Cold.

How to Lose Weight Effectively and Quickly Thanks to the Cold.

You've had enough of diets> any kind?

You never last more than a month? Can't lose weight?

Welcome to the club ! You are like most people in this world.

Fortunately, nature is well done and has given us other ways to lose weight. Among these, the cold.

Find out all there is to know, and how to use it to burn calories and blast fat effectively and quickly.

How to Lose Weight Effectively and Quickly Thanks to the Cold.

  • Why does it work?
  • How to do it?
  • Result

Why does it work?

The body works at full speed all the time to maintain our temperature at 37°C.

This is almost where half of our energy goes, so half of our calories!

Cooling our body by force means forcing it to spend even more calories to keep it at temperature.

That is, by simply being cold, you can lose weight.

The "firewood" of our body is glycogen, i.e. fat.

It's what our muscles use, and when we're not moving them, it's what our body uses to warm up.

When we are cold, we force the body to draw on our reserves!

How to do?

No need to go and immerse yourself in an ice water bath every day (by the way, it's pretty bad for your health).

All you need to do is take simple steps which do not require radically changing your habits.

1. Drink very cold water :keep a bottle of water in the refrigerator if necessary. But try to stick to ice cold water, which will suddenly have to be warmed by your body.

2. Cover up less:Covering up less will force your body to heat itself. Take off a layer of sweater ! In addition, if you have to run, it will prevent you from sweating, and you will feel less heavy.

3. Turn down the heating :thanks to your scheme, you will save electricity. By turning down the heating , you will be a little less hot and you will therefore no longer save calories.

To learn all about ideal home temperatures, check out this tip. You can even revise them down a bit under this method.

4. Lower the temperature of your shower a little bit. :inflict an ice bath, very little for me. On the other hand, agreeing to take a slightly colder shower (as often as possible) is negotiable!


There you go, you know how to lose a few extra pounds easily :-)

Easy, right?

If you add to all this a little sport, and if you eat normally , you should see the pounds melt away like snow in the sun!

If you do just that, the process will be slower, but don't lose hope! This method not only makes you lose weight...

But it is better for your health in every way :better blood circulation, firming of the skin... Don't deprive yourself of it!