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5 reasons to sleep naked

Sleeping naked is very tempting in the summer, but with this weather it is also advisable. There are many health benefits attached to it. Leave those pajamas off tonight!

1. It's good for your relationship

People who sleep naked , say they are happier about their relationship. Not an in-depth study, but it's worth a try.

2. It is good for your body temperature

Your body temperature is very important when falling asleep. You sleep best when your body temperature drops a few degrees. Your body can release the heat most easily without wearing pajamas.

3. Less chance of infections

Bacteria love warm and moist places. It may sound a bit crazy, but that makes the vagina an ideal place for bacteria. Sleeping without panties allows things to air out at night and reduces the risk of an infection.

4. Skin to skin contact is good for you

When you sleep with a partner, skin-to-skin contact is good for your health. Here comes oxytocin free, the happiness hormone that has a positive influence on your blood pressure. In addition, stress is reduced. Sleeping naked is really good for you.

5. More freedom of movement

While spinning, don't get caught in your pajamas. There is nothing more annoying than a chest that hangs halfway out of your pajama shirt. Right?!

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