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Singles don't suffer from corona kilos

Singles don t suffer from corona kilos

Do you reach for the candy jar a little more now that you are at home more often? And is your daily walk getting a little messed up? There is a good chance that you will grow some corona kilos. Yet singles are less bothered by this.

Dating app The Inner Circle conducted research among its members about how important Dutch singles find a fit and healthy body from a potential love. They were also asked about the effect of corona on their own fitness.

What seems? Singles are doing well in terms of corona kilos. For example, an earlier study by Happy Weight found that no less than 50 percent of the Dutch population gained weight during the corona crisis. But only 27 percent of singles say they have gained weight. 24.4% of single women have gained weight in these crazy times and 29 percent of single men suffer from it.

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Fitter from isolation

What is striking is that a third fitter comes from the self-isolation time. More than 32 percent of women and 30 percent of men score better in terms of fitness than before the corona crisis. And don't worry too much if you are slightly heavier than average as a single, because 72 percent of singles think it is no problem.

Society pressure

Still, the pressure to lose weight is there. For example, another survey by WW (previously known as Weight Watchers) among 1,000 Dutch people shows that as many as 3 in 10 Dutch people experience pressure from society to lose excess kilos. 25 percent experience this pressure from their direct environment such as friends, family and colleagues. 18 percent feel pressure from the partner and also 18 percent from the media. Especially women (32%) experience this pressure compared to 24 percent of men.

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