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Eating due to stress is not always unhealthy

Have you ever been guilty of eating because of stress? No worries, research shows that eating due to stress does not necessarily have to be unhealthy.

The Konstanz University discovered that stress eaters eat less than other people during less stressful periods. The eating habits of periods with and without stress compensate each other.

Video Chat
Before the study, people had a video chat, then they met the person in person. One group was told that the other would rather not meet them after the chat. One group was told that the other was very enthusiastic and the last group was told that the meeting was cancelled.

Eating behavior
The groups then took part in another experiment. They tasted different ice cream flavors, of which they could eat as much as they wanted. It was then compared how many kilocalories the stress eaters ate more than the people who say they eat less because of stress.

Eat more
The stress eaters ate 120 kilocalories more if their conversation partner had indicated that they would rather not talk in real life. If their video chat partner had indicated that they liked the subject, the group ate 74 more calories.

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