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Laughing gas as pain relief during childbirth?

Midwives are examining whether it is possible to reintroduce nitrous oxide in the Netherlands as pain relief during childbirth, reports the Royal Dutch Organization for Midwives (KNOV).

In the past laughing gas was also used during childbirth , but because it affected pregnant women, midwives and hospital staff, the anesthetic gas was no longer used during a birth † The KNOV is currently experimenting with laughing gas to investigate whether the drug can be returned to the list of pain relief methods

Pain relief
It is still the case that many women opt for a hospital birth because then they have a epidural puncture can get. However, an epidural can only be performed by an anesthetist be put. The advantage of nitrous oxide is that the substance can also simply be administered by midwives.

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The tests performed so far successfully took place in birth centers where good extraction facilities were available, so that the bystanders were inconvenienced as little as possible by the gas † In birth centers women can also under the guidance of midwives to give birth. And that's what it's all about right now.

After all KNOV experiments have been completed, the Health Care Inspectorate and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport will examine the possibilities of reintroducing nitrous oxide as pain relief † Health insurers are even positive about it, according to the KNOV.

Extra maternity beds
In addition, the organization thinks that in the future women may be more inclined to give birth under the direction of a midwife, for example in a birth center , if they can also get pain relief there. This will provide the extra number of required nurseries reduce in hospitals.

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