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My Recipe for Pain Relief Massage Oils.

In the evening, you sometimes have pain in the upper body, because of a hard day. You also sometimes have rheumatism. In this case, nothing like a good massage. But not with just any oils. I help you choose them.

When I have aches, pains muscles, or rheumatism, I turn to essential oils to prepare a back and neck massage treatment. I give you my favorite picks.

1. Pain Relief Massage Oils

A massage oil for tired and sore muscles and joints is a mixture of 2 essential oils of your choice in equal quantities, from juniper, marjoram, rosemary to camphor, pine, turpentine and birch.

These essential oils are anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and analgesic.

Add 5 times the obtained volume of a vegetable oil (Argan, sweet almond, avocado...) of your choice.

2. The right gestures for massaging

This massage is to be done on the upper back and neck:

- Spray the essential oil on the upper back and neck.

- Perform the massage by successive kneading of the shoulders and neck.

- Repeat several times.

- Then exert gentle but firm pressure on the base of the skull, until complete relaxation.

How do you feel ? Better, I hope. You can tell me that in your comments... and don't forget that there are some contraindications to essential oils, so make sure you can use them!