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How to limit the damage of coffee on our teeth?

This is not a scoop:coffee stains your teeth. For lovers of this drink, it is therefore impossible not to brush your teeth after having swallowed it in the morning. However, it turns out that doing things in this order is very far from ideal for dental health. In order to limit the damage, it would be enough to take a completely different habit.

A very bad habit

For many individuals, the morning ritual is always the same:waking up, taking a shower, drinking coffee and brushing your teeth. However, doing things in this order is not at all ideal for dental health . Quoted by the HuffingtonPost US, Siama Muhammad, of Brooklyn Oak Dental Care, explains that this can indeed cause chronic wear of the enamel, that is to say the outer layer of the teeth. For several American dental specialists, however, there would be a way to limit the damage by proceeding differently.

Christina Meiners, of CommunCare Health Centers in San Antonio, Texas (USA) believes that brushing your teeth before Drinking coffee helps to eliminate dental plaque and makes it more difficult for stains to adhere .

How to limit the damage of coffee on our teeth?

A simple way to limit damage

But what really happens in our mouths when brushing takes place after drinking coffee? According to Sonya Krasilnikov, of the New York Dental House, the acidity of coffee weakens the tooth enamel that usually protects the teeth physical and chemical damage. However, it turns out that the dental environment is chemically abrasive. When you brush your teeth after drinking coffee, the cleaning is not effective. Worse still, the individual brushes more acid than anything else, which can deteriorate the teeth more quickly and cause more sensitivity. And that also applies to sodas and fruit juices.

In general, dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least half an hour after drinking coffee or an acid drink. This duration corresponds to the time necessary for the saliva to neutralize the pH in the mouth and for the latter to become healthy again.

While waiting to eventually adopt a new good habit in your daily life, it is best to reduce the level of acidity in the mouth with water. This also eliminates the taste of the coffee. You can also chew sugar-free gum to stimulate saliva production or use dental floss.