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How to make up the lips? Our tip for a luscious smile.

How to make up the lips? Our tip for a luscious smile.

A luscious smile for all mouths, it's possible. I'm going to show you how to make up your lips to have an ultra-glamorous smile. It's a pretty amazing thing.

But first, a little advice:when you've removed your make-up, don't hesitate to apply moisturizing balm to your lips to nourish them deeply and repair them. A luscious smile is 50% makeup and 50% hydration, so don't overlook this detail.

How to get a glamorous mouth

For a luscious smile, I put a light veil of powder on my mouth :it will help to fix the lipstick. The loose powder that I apply to my face in the morning is more than enough for me.

Then it's all in the technique. I take my lip pencil and I start to make up the contour of my lips going over a little bit. The trick to getting a natural result is:

>> to use a pencil that approximates the shade of her lips.

>> to make a light line.

>> not to go too far.

Next step, I apply a little lipstick with a brush. If you don't have one, it's okay, you use your finger to spread the product evenly. I put a little powder on my mouth:it will fix my lipstick. Then I spread a new layer of lipstick and I finish by applying a little transparent gloss on my mouth.

Well, I'm done doing my lip makeup. Here, I once again bet on trompe-l'oeil and multi-layers to boost the volume of my mouth and I admit that I am delighted. And this trick is valid for all mouths, even the finest. By following these tips, you too will have a greedy smile, but above all not vulgar!

Savings Achieved

Every day on TV, we are presented with the miracle product that will give us a smile as spectacular as the model in the ad. But what we don't admit is that it's not the €15 lipstick who does all the work, but the makeup artist, who is quite talented and the editing software;-).

All this to tell you that you can have luscious lips without paying a high price . Just use trickery with the makeup you already have in your kit and you're done.

Take the test and let us know if it worked for you too. Do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comments, we will be happy to help you.