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In the United States, students voluntarily catch Covid to sell their plasma

Brigham Young University (BYU) in Idaho (USA) recently released a statement condemning a "deeply troubling" trend among its students. According to the institution, some would indeed try to be intentionally infected with Covid-19. The goal:to overcome the disease and then sell their plasma loaded with antibodies.

Researchers are continuing their work to try to combat the coronavirus which continues to claim thousands of victims every day around the world. Among the avenues of work:the use of blood plasma. And for good reason, this component of the blood of people who have already recovered contains many antibodies capable, in theory, of reducing the viral load in severely affected patients. In other words, the general idea is therefore to "transfer immunity" from a cured person to a sick person.

This type of maneuver must obviously be closely monitored by health authorities. In France, in particular, a clinical trial is currently underway under the direction of the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP).

Catching Covid to sell your plasma

However, a few weeks ago blood centers in Madison County, Idaho (USA) said they would pay a small extra for donors whose blood is loaded with antibodies. A decision motivated by the fact that this county is particularly affected by the pandemic.

These promises obviously did not fall on deaf ears. Also, a few weeks ago, Brigham Young University (BYU), the county's main university, received “reports of students […] intentionally exposing themselves to Covid-19,” in order to sell plasma, according to local media KIVI-TV. And inevitably, it does not pass.

“Students who are determined to intentionally expose themselves and others to the virus will be immediately suspended from the University and may be permanently expelled” , the Institution said in a statement.

It also reminds us that the contraction and spread of COVID-19 is not an easy task. “A reckless disregard for health and safety will inevitably lead to additional illness and loss of life in our community .If recent trends continue, the university may be forced to moving to a fully distance learning model” , she also warned.

In the United States, students voluntarily catch Covid to sell their plasma

It is unclear how the University plans to determine which students are affected by these practices, or which have contracted Covid-19 unintentionally. This story also raises questions about tuition fees in the United States, which are often exorbitant. For some, students interested in selling their plasma may indeed feel that they have no other viable alternative to pay for their university.