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Confinement:how to maintain your vitamin D intake?

Vitamin D is essential for our body, especially when it comes to bone health. In these times of confinement, care must be taken to ensure a daily intake through food and exposure to the sun.

Watch your diet

Containment can be a source of reduced bone health . Indeed, a vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone fragility through a decrease in bone mass. In other words, vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of fractures . In a press release dated April 17, 2020, ANSES explains how to ensure sufficient intake through food and sunlight.

Regarding food, ANSES recommends the consumption of two portions of fish per week , including a portion of oily fish. This is a major contributor to vitamin D intake. However, this vitamin is also present in other foods. These include offal, egg yolk, meat, butter and other margarines, or even cheese.

Confinement:how to maintain your vitamin D intake?

Long live the sun!

Sun exposure is also an important source of vitamin D . Obviously, confined people with a house with a garden are the best off. However, people with a balcony are also lucky. It should be remembered that there is no need to lie down on a deckchair and spend hours in the sun to ensure your daily intake of vitamin D. Indeed, all you have to do is expose your hands, forearms and face for 15 to 20 minutes a day for a healthy adult. People who only have a window, if the latter has good exposure, can therefore also benefit from the sun.

Let's talk about elderly people with dull or dark skin . These naturally have a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency. Indeed, concerning them, the synthesis of the vitamin via exposure to the sun is less effective. Let us also mention postmenopausal women, subject to a hormonal upheaval leading to bone demineralization. For these people, it may be a question of taking food supplements . On the other hand, it must be done on dietary or medical indication.

Finally, if confinement in France is to end on May 11, 2020, we must not declare victory too quickly. After this date, no less than 18 million French people will have to remain in confinement . However, this measure will mainly concern people over the age of 65. In other words, this is one more reason for these people to be careful with their vitamin D intake.