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A Japanese treatment for the flu effective in 91% of a group of cases contaminated with Covid-19

Chinese and Japanese researchers say they tested an antiviral drug originally developed for the flu. This drug usually used in Japan would be effective in the fight against the Covid-19 coronavirus, in the event of early detection of patients.


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A 91% success rate

According to an article published on March 18, 2020 by The Guardian, Chinese medical authorities praise the merits of a drug used in Japan against the flu . However, this would be effective on patients with the Covid-19 coronavirus. This drug named Favipiravir (or Avigan) was developed by a subsidiary of the famous Japanese firm Fujifilm.

Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology Zhang Xinmin referred to clinical trials carried out on 340 patients in hospitals located in Wuhan and Shenzhen. According to the results, patients were cured an average of four days after contracting the coronavirus, compared to an average of 11 days for cases without treatment. Verifications using lung X-rays have shown that the lung status of patients has improved in 91% of cases treated with Favipiravir.

A Japanese treatment for the flu effective in 91% of a group of cases contaminated with Covid-19

Not effective in severe cases

You should know that in Japan, doctors use the same drug in clinical studies. However, these trials concern coronavirus-positive patients with mild to moderate symptoms . The goal? Prevent the virus from multiplying in patients. However, doctors explain that the treatment is not very effective when the virus has already multiplied in patients, in other words in the most serious cases. Thus, it is a treatment that could be greatly used in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. One condition, however:couple treatment with rapid screening of infected people

In Japan, Favipiravir should be approved for large-scale use in order to treat the coronavirus. This authorization – which could take place in May – is essential insofar as the medicine originally treats the flu.

Today, hope for a cure for coronavirus takes many faces . In France, various candidates will undergo clinical trials. These include Kaletra (anti-HIV drug), interferon beta (modulation of the immune response), Remdesivir (anti-Ebola) and chloroquine (antimalarial). While a first vaccine has been tested on humans by a team based in the United States, a Belgian institute says it has discovered a lead on the side of an antibody capable of neutralizing the coronavirus.


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