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Anti-hangover pill on the market; the solution or the poison?

It's all over the news, father and son Pesser have developed the hangover pill. In themselves, they are not the first to venture into the development and production of a hangover pill, but they are the first with a horde of users who are positive about using this pill to combat a hangover.

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Anti-cancer pill of green tea extract

The hangover pill was developed by a fourth-year medical student and his father who happens to be a pharmacist. Close to the fire so to speak 😉 . As a needy student who sags many evenings and finds out afterwards that he should not have taken the last beer, Niels came up with the idea that something really had to be found against this. Together with his father, he has worked for four years on the development of this pill that ensures that dry mouth, nausea and headaches are a thing of the past after a night out or at home with friends.

Green tea as an anti-hangover

Green tea is known to work against a hangover. There seem to be several studies and scientific studies that prove this. The anti-hangover pill they have developed is aptly named Zober! got. Nice idea 😉 .

The anti-hangover pill costs € 5.95 per 6 pieces. It is indicated that you should take a pill for every beer you drink. After a night out, or during a night out, it doesn't matter. Eight glasses of beer also means 8 pills. Eight glasses of wine, I think. Or you should just order a better wine, no headache wine, that might also make a difference 😉 .

So the pill is not really cheap, but it might be handy to have at home, just in case.

Try the anti-cat pill myself

I have not tried this particular pill myself, but what I have tried for a while, and what really works (at least for me), are the pills from Alka. deacidification pills. I wrote a blog about deacidification with tea before, where I tried the Alka tea. Also with green tea in it I think. Later - during an event - I once got some more stuff from Alka, including those pills. The director of Alka then told me that they use those pills to deacidify, but also as an anti-hangover pill. That makes you laugh, of course, when you hear that. I didn't believe in it that much. However, he indicated to me that they are on the table by their standard during the staff parties 😛 .

Because of that last comment, I started testing it myself and they turned out to really work. One or two of those pills after a night out and I had almost no problems in the morning!

Tip:You can buy the Alka tabs original for € 24.95 and then you have 90 tablets. A lot cheaper than the hangover pill that is now in the news all the time. But I can't say which one works better.

Should we 'promote' a hangover pill or not

That's kind of the question that comes to my mind. On the one hand it seems very handy and the times I have used the Alka tabs I was very happy to have them at home (they're gone by the way, so maybe I have to buy again 😉 ). But on the other hand, I am also immediately concerned about the presence of these types of pills on the market and the effect they have on young people.

Are they triggered by this to load themselves up with drink because there is a pill that can kill a horrible hangover? Or is this a negligible risk? Do you want to teach your kids, for example, that such a pill makes life a little easier? Or would you rather they are ill and understand that their body indicates 'this far and no further'. Or rather 'You have gone to far!'

Other products against a hangover

There are plenty of other anti-hangover products mentioned that also give you a better day after a night out. Some people swear by one, others by the other. A number of anti-hangover remedies that you regularly hear:

  • Drink more water
  • Eating two bananas before you are going to drink
  • Eat brine herring in advance
  • A glass of water with vitamin C effervescent tablet before going to sleep
  • Have the same drink in the morning that you ended the evening with
  • Taking acid inhibitors (which corresponds to the Alka pills)
  • Eat a plate of spaghetti bolognese (?)
  • Tomato juice
  • Don't drink alcohol (duhuh)