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9x tea with a healthy effect

9x tea with a healthy effect

Good for your immune system, your heart and your skin. Besides the delicious taste, each tea has its own healthy effect. So pure enjoyment!

Black tea

The tea leaves of black tea are fermented or fermented after picking and drying, which gives them their black color. Several studies show that drinking five cups of black tea daily can lower your blood pressure. Australian research even shows that three cups a day reduces the risk of bone fractures later in life, thanks to the flavonoids in the tea, which are an antioxidant.

White tea

White tea is made from the young leaf buds. These still have a layer of white down, which explains the name white. After picking, the leaves are rolled up and dried in the sun. British research shows that white tea inhibits the production of proteinase and collagenase. These substances are responsible for the breakdown of collagen and elastin in your skin. White tea can therefore contribute to your skin aging less quickly.


Matcha green tea is ground into powder. The tea plants where matcha are made from, are covered with a dark cloth four weeks before harvest. As a result, the leaves contain much more amino acids and matcha one of the healthiest teas. Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins and therefore indispensable for a healthy body. You order it here .

9x tea with a healthy effect 9x tea with a healthy effect

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is not made from the tea plant, but consists only of herbs. Chamomile has a mild anti-inflammatory effect and has a relaxing effect on your stomach and intestines.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is full of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C. Vitamin B1 is important for the functioning of your heart muscle and nervous system. Vitamin B2 is mainly responsible for the energy supply of your body and you need vitamin B6 for the construction of proteins.


Chai is an Indian drink that consists of black tea, spices and milk. The most common ingredients in chai are cinnamon, ginger, green cardamom, fennel seeds and cloves. Cinnamon helps to keep your blood sugar level and green cardamom is full of antioxidants .

Oolong tea

A mix between green and black tea, as oolong tea is semi-fermented. This traditional Chinese tea Just like the green and black variant, it contains the substance EGCG, which stimulates fat burning. Not always easy to find in the store, but you can oolong tea do buy online. For example here .

Hibiscus tea

Made from the flower plant Hibiscus † These flowers contain a lot of vitamin C, indispensable for a good resistance and for the absorption of iron. You can also easily make hibiscus tea online buy, or at an organic store.

Green tea

Made in the same way as the black variety, but the leaves are not fermented or fermented. As a result, they retain their green color. Both black and green teas contain flavonoids. These substances act as antioxidants and fight free radicals in the body.