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Your brain also needs a holiday

Your brain also needs a holiday

Of course, a healthy tan on your skin is welcome. And you take a step back from the often hectic normal life when you are on vacation. This is why a holiday is so much needed for your brain.

Being able to relax physically is extremely important. Some women just like to exercise during their vacation – or even take it up a notch, others take a complete break from running, lifting and squatting. But the mental room above is also very much in need of a break every now and then.

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Other Mode

At work or as a key figure Within the family, your brain is often full of 'on'. It always has to do, invent, arrange or process something. It is very important to find some sort of standard mode as well. Your brain does not have to be completely 'off', but you do live much better in the here and now. Without the worries of tomorrow. Find out for yourself how to find that default mode, and turn it on and off as needed. May take some practice, but it's worth it.

Less incentives

It is also quite logical:the average Dutch brain has a lot to process in a day. Besides work and household, there are hobbies, commuter trips, advertisements, supermarket visits and an endless supply of films and series. It can – also unnoticed – lead to overstimulation of your brain. All the more important to let go of some stimuli. By taking a holiday, you will at least lose part of it:the daily traffic jams and the stress of picking up your package on time at the parcel point, for example.

Just a good soak

Professor Ap Dijksterhuis goes even further. He calls making a journey and disconnecting from your daily environment 'a bucket of suds for your brain'. Your brain gets refreshed from a holiday trip and not unimportantly, we also benefit a lot from the anticipation:looking forward to something does a person good. Of course, more people are staying at home this summer – or at least in their own country – than ever, but going on holiday in the Netherlands also has a cathartic effect.

Give your brain the rest and refreshment it so deserves. Do you still have some trouble breaking away from the well-known rhythm? Try one of these forms of yoga for you. Doesn't help...