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The Natural Remedy For Nipple Sore From Breastfeeding.

The Natural Remedy For Nipple Sore From Breastfeeding.

Are you breastfeeding and your nipples are sore?

Are you even starting to see cracks appear?

As soon as baby nurses, the pain is excruciating. As a result, you may be thinking of stopping breastfeeding.

Wait a bit!

Because there is a simple, natural and effective trick to quickly heal your cracked breasts.

Just massage the ends of your breasts with olecalcary liniment.

The Natural Remedy For Nipple Sore From Breastfeeding.

How it works

1. After breastfeeding, wash your hands.

2. Take a dab of oil-limestone liniment on your finger.

3. Gently massage the irritated areas.

4. Wait until the product has penetrated the skin before getting dressed.


There you go, your nipples are no longer irritated and the pain is gone :-)
You will be able to breastfeed peacefully!

Why it works

The oleo-calcareous liniment composed of lime water and olive oil promotes healing.

You don't have oil-limestone liniment? Here is one of very good quality.

Know that most of the time, a bad position of baby at the breast is at the origin of the cracks or irritations.

If they reappear, you can consult a midwife or a lactation consultant who will help you.

Your turn...

Have you tried this remedy to soothe sore nipples from breastfeeding? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can't wait to read you!