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A Homemade Lotion to Pamper Dry Skin.

A Homemade Lotion to Pamper Dry Skin.

Dry skin is thin, it often feels tight because it needs it of hydration.

Here's a homemade skincare lotion recipe for those who need to pamper their dry skin.

I tested it once, but since I have combination skin, it does not suit me, I started to shine like a firefly on the middle zone, a treat.

But where my skin is dry, I was able to appreciate the comfort of well-hydrated skin that had regained its elasticity.

This care lotion has a little extra, carrot oil which gives a healthy glow and prepares the skin for tanning.

Very simple to make, the ingredients are easily found in organic stores or specialized shops.

Last thing, I didn't put any essential oil in this lotion so that it can be used on the thin skin around the eyes.

Healthy Glow Moisturizing Lotion for Dry Skin


- 200 ml spring or filtered water

- 7 or 8 dried chamomile flower buds

- 10 ml organic carrot oil

- 5 ml of jojoba oil.

- a saucepan, a pretty glass bottle, a jar of jam, a funnel, gauze.


1. Sterilize all utensils by immersing them for 5 minutes in a pot of boiling water.

2. Wash your hands.

3. Boil the water and immerse the chamomile flowers in it.

4. Cover and let cool.

5. Strain the infusion into a jar of jam, covering the opening with a large compress.

6. Pour the infusion into your bottle using the funnel (those necks are small!), then the 10 ml of carrot oil and the 5 ml of jojoba oil.

How do we use it?

In the evening, after removing make-up, apply on a cotton pad to the entire face and neck.

- Chamomile is softening and slightly astringent, it will soothe your skin after make-up removal and helps the regeneration of the epidermis.

- Carrot oil brightens the complexion and makes it more radiant, it refines the skin texture and rebalances it by softening the epidermis. It prepares it for the sun and evens out the tan. In addition it has a very refined and pleasant smell.

- Jojoba oil is perfect for dry skin due to its re-hydrating and softening effect which helps fight against skin dryness.

So, want to try this summer lotion? Come and tell me if you liked it in the comments.