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Grandma's Best Remedy For Very Dry Skin.

Grandma s Best Remedy For Very Dry Skin.

The skin can easily become dry, even very dry.

Crocodile-skin style, you know?

The skin of our body, however, needs to be hydrated and nourished.

Crocodile skin already shows too much dryness.

Is your very dry skin dehydrated and not nourished enough?

So here is the best all-natural grandmother's remedy to cure dry skin on the body.

It is enough to use 2 food oils and 3 essential oils. Watch:

Grandma s Best Remedy For Very Dry Skin.

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- 5 tablespoons of avocado oil

- 5 tablespoons wheat germ oil

- Cypress essential oil

- Lemon essential oil

- Rose geranium essential oil

How to

1. Pour the avocado oil and wheat germ oil into a container.

2. Add 20 drops of cypress essential oil.

3. Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil.

4. Add 10 drops of rose geranium essential oil.

5. Mix well.

6. Coat your body with this mixture after each shower, massaging lightly.


There you go, your skin is softened, nourished and rehydrated :-)

No more super dry skin! Your skin no longer looks like overly dry crocodile skin.

Now you know how to hydrate very dry skin naturally.

To combat dry skin, essential oils are a super effective natural treatment.

The icing on the cake:cypress improves blood circulation!

If you want to perform this treatment and look for essential oils, we recommend these:

- Cypress

- Lemon

- Geranium