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How to Avoid Recurrent Migraines:All Our Advice.

How to Avoid Recurrent Migraines:All Our Advice.

Migraine is a widespread ailment in today's society because it concerns more one in ten people in France, and mostly women.

Complex phenomenon, discover here all our advice to prevent migraine and treat it by adopting simple gestures.

Since the causes of a migraine are often unknown, it is difficult to find one single answer to the prevention of major headaches. However, simple steps can help ward off any risk of migraine.

Stress, hypertension and fatigue are the three causes that come up most often when talking about the onset of severe headaches. The best way to avoid them is therefore to adopt a regular sleep rhythm and sufficient. Also, do not hesitate to take mini breaks of a few minutes during your day in order to breathe well, get some air when you feel the stress is mounting.

Also, a hangover is often singled out as a predictor of a severe migraine! In this case, be aware of your limits and drink in moderation. If it's already too late, check out our hangover remedy.

Finally, this concerns more women, the absorption of certain molecules and the hormonal variation are considered to be triggers for migraine. Ask your doctor to find out which elements can be harmful to your health.

The root causes of a migraine being still unrecognized because very different depending on the person, we can add the idea that certain foods contribute to triggering this headache phenomenon in some individuals.

Alcohol, chocolate, fresh cheeses or coffee are often singled out. Skipping meals or eating at all hours of the day can also harm your body.

It is therefore important for you to detect the causes of your migraine because they can be varied.


We have just presented the possible causes, now discover the natural and free ways to relieve a migraine quickly.

The first thing to do is to lie down in a dark and quiet place . Indeed, light and noise will tend to accentuate your incipient migraine. It is important to relax, closing your eyes.

A nap or a period of sleep are often restorative and calm the growing effect of headaches.

Once lying down, gently squeeze your temples with two fingers and describe circles to relax. Repeat this gesture on your forehead or any other painful area.

Prepare a washcloth or cool, damp towel to put it on your neck or head. This helps to soothe the pain and provides an intense feeling of freshness. When the effect has faded, repeat 1-2 times.

Finally, there are very effective natural flavors :this is the case for the aroma of mint, eucalyptus and lavender. Each person being different on their olfactory perceptions, find which aroma or which combination suits you best.

Then, pour a few drops of essential oils of your choice on a damp compress and place it on your head or neck to calm the migraine.

The most important thing is to react quickly when migraine strikes. Rest is the key word. Try as much as possible not to expose yourself to light and noise, it will only make it worse. Finally, natural solutions exist so do not deprive yourself of them!

In case of recurrence or deep pain, contact your doctor to discuss with him the possible causes and the treatment to follow.