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This Is How Your Emotions Turn Into Physical Pain.

Life is sometimes difficult.

It feels like our emotions are playing on a roller coaster.

Do you know that these same emotions can have a negative impact on your physical health?

Depression psychologist Dr. Susan Babel wrote in the journal Psychology Today:

"Studies show that chronic pain can not only be caused by physical injuries, but also by stress and emotional issues. "

“Often the function of physical pain is to alert a person that emotional work needs to be done,” she continues.

So what is the meaning of the pain we feel?

Here's what they mean and what you can do to cure them. Watch:

1. A pain in the head

A pain in the head, such as a headache or a migraine, can be triggered by the stress of everyday life .

Maybe you do too much during the day?

To remedy this, make sure you take a few minutes break every day to completely relax.

That means doing nothing, no laptop, no Internet!

Also try doing this breathing exercise which should quickly calm your headaches.

2. A pain in the neck

A pain in the neck may indicate that you have difficulty forgiving ...

...or forgive yourself for things you may have done in the past.

If you feel pain in your neck, try to think about the things you love about yourself and the people around you.

So now might be a good time to make a list of all the things you appreciate about yourself.

And if you feel guilty about something you've done in the past, it's probably a good time to apologize and put it behind you.

Once you manage to appreciate yourself more and feel less guilty, chances are your neck pain will go away.

3. A pain in the shoulders

Pain in the shoulders can mean that you are carrying an emotional burden both literally and figuratively.

Hence the expression "to carry all the misery of the world on one's shoulders".

Try talking about your worries with your friends, family, or colleagues.

Why ? Because by sharing your daily problems with other people, you free the brain from its tensions.

As a result, it also relieves pain in the shoulders.

If you feel like you are carrying too much responsibility at work, now is a good time to tell your co-workers that you need a little help.

4. Pain in the upper back

If you have pain in your upper back, you probably lack affection .

You may feel unloved or you may be trying to hold back a love that is about to leave.

This is surely a good excuse to spend time with those you love and thus strengthen your emotional ties.

If you're single, it's probably time to meet someone new!

While waiting to find your soul mate, you can also start by hugging the people you love.

For example, with a member of your family, your best friend or even your pet.

You will quickly see how good it feels, especially if you do it regularly. Your upper back pain will soon be just a bad memory.

5. Pain in the lower back

Low back pain may indicate that you are too much worried about money.

These problems are too heavy to bear. Result, you have pain in the lower back.

Now might be a good time to ask your boss for a little raise that's been a long time coming...

...or use our tips to better manage your money on a daily basis.

In both cases, the goal is for you to reduce the stress caused by bills arriving at the end of the month.

If possible, try to put a little more money in your bank account.

You will thus be more peaceful, you will feel more free and you will be able to say goodbye to these pains.

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6. A pain in the elbows

When you have pain in your elbows, it means that you have difficulty accepting the changes that have occurred in your life.

Our mind resists and we don't accept the present as it really is.

It's as if we were living in the past, in a situation that no longer exists today.

Also, if your arms feel heavy, it could mean that you are too rigid and not malleable enough.

In life, it is important to be able to adapt to change and make compromises. This is true for both personal and professional life.

This avoids getting stuck in one's positions without being able to move forward.

Do you have elbow pain? It is therefore surely the right time to find a compromise with your spouse on an argument that you have not been able to settle for a long time.

Also try to break the daily routine by trying new things. Maybe you could try that new coffee your friend suggested?

7. Pain in the hands

Hands allow us to make contact with the people around us.

Maybe you find it hard to connect with new people ?

If so, this difficulty in making new friends may be the cause of these pains.

To remedy this, try to make new acquaintances.

You could, for example, have more lunch with your work colleagues or organize meals at home on weekends.

Or why not get to know your next door neighbors better?

Either way, the goal is to expand your circle of friends and make new acquaintances.

This will give you more opportunity to lend a hand if someone needs help. As a result, you'll feel much more useful and your pain should lessen!

8. Hip pain

If you've always been afraid of change and decision-making , this can also manifest as hip pain .

In fact, sore hips may be a sign that you are putting up too much resistance to the changes that have appeared at work or in your daily life.

But it's also maybe that you can't make important decisions that could free you.

So maybe now is the right time to take action and open that restaurant you've been thinking about for quite a while.

Or, start writing that book you've always wanted to write.

In any case, moving forward is definitely the best way to cure those pains you have in your hip.

9. Knee pain

Many things can explain chronic pain in the knees.

But know that it can be a sign that your ego is oversized !

Maybe you think you're a little too awesome compared to the others? Whether it's at work or in your love life?

If so, try to acquire a little humility. For example, be more grateful for the work your colleagues do alongside you.

Now might also be a good time to start volunteering to give more of your time to others rather than to yourself.

10. Pain in the calves

Calf pain is often triggered by emotional tension that is difficult to express.

Stress at work can be the cause, but not only.

Indeed, jealousy and resentment can also be the cause of sore calves.

Instead of keeping her emotional tensions inside you, it might be a good time to leave your old grudges and jealousies behind.

If you need to express them, why not try to consult a shrink who may be able to help you better than those around you?

11. Pain in the ankles

Pain in the ankles can be a sign that you are having trouble having fun.

In other words, it looks like you're struggling to enjoy the finer things in life.

This is true in everyday life as well as in your love life.

So maybe it's time to give yourself a little more to your partner and make him understand what you would like to do with him...

...or on the contrary tell him the things you don't really like.

In both cases, the objective is the same:to try to spice up your love life so that you can have more fun.

Do not hesitate to treat yourself with a good square of dark chocolate! Anything that makes you happy is good to take to make these pains go away.

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12. Foot pain

When you are depressed , you may feel pain in your feet.

Indeed, too much negativity can manifest in the feet, since all the nerve endings are located under the arch of the foot.

To remedy this, try to focus more on the little pleasures in life.

For example, the simple fact of walking in the forest must be able to bring you well-being.

Perhaps you could also adopt a pet...

Or find a new hobby like sewing, which scientists say has the power to make people happier.

In a nutshell, seek joy wherever it is!