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10 Tips to Know about the Real Savon de Marseille, a Magical Product.

The Marseille soap has multiple properties.

Bactericidal, powerful cleaner, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, it is used both for scouring the house and for washing.

But it is also used in other more unexpected cases.

Discover the 10 beneficial tips of this magical product that you won't be able to do without!

1. Make liquid laundry detergent

Transformed into detergent, or simply grated, Marseille soap helps me keep my clothes spotless at a low price.

As Nicolas explains to us here in his tip, I can quickly make a liquid detergent out of it:

1. I grate 50 g of Marseille soap that I put in an empty container (of more than one liter).

2. I add a liter of hot water to my canister, and I shake vigorously.

I can add a few drops of essential oil tea tree, eucalyptus or lavender for example.

3. My liquid detergent is now ready to use!

2. Disinfect baby clothes in the washing machine

For washing baby clothes thoroughly making sure to destroy all bacteria, Marseille soap is formidable.

Once my laundry has been sorted and loaded into the machine, I place a handful of grated Marseille soap directly into the drum.

I add 1/2 glass of white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment.

For the complete trick, it's here!

Note: When Marseille soap is used to wash my laundry, it is advisable to also use white vinegar.

It is used to disinfect and soften and baking soda to bleach if needed.

3. Remove stubborn stains from laundry

To remove stains, even the most stubborn ones, Marseille soap is once again a valuable ally.

Small stains

Nothing is easier than removing small stains with Marseille soap.

1. With the moistened soap, I rub the stain until a crust forms.

2. I let it dry for 1 hour.

Then I wash my laundry by hand, rinsing the stain area well beforehand to remove the last traces.

My stain is gone!

Stubborn stains

1. If the stain is solid, I gently scrape it off with the edge of a spoon.

Then I proceed in the same way as for "normal" stains.

2. If the stain is still fresh and liquid, I sponge as much as possible before applying the soap.

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4. Avoid machine water damage

We can all put too much detergent in the machine.

To avoid the foam party, there is a very simple trick:put Marseille soap.

Indeed, the latter does not foam and even absorbs the foam.

Here's how to do it:

1. I grate the equivalent of a handful of Marseille soap.

2. Without stopping the machine if it is a drum machine, I put the soap in the washing part of the detergent drawer. Or we put it on pause if it loads from the top.

3. I add water to make the soap go down more quickly.

4. If there is still foam after 5 minutes, I repeat the operation until the foam disappears.

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5. Keep mosquitoes away

We don't always know, but what attracts mosquitoes...

These are our body odors, including perspiration.

But the smell of our shower gel can also attract pesky critters...

Hence the interest of washing with neutral products, even repellents (for mosquitoes huh!).

Thus, Marseille soap is one of the washing products effective against mosquitoes.

In addition, it costs less than a shower gel with chemicals.

Check out the full trick here.

6. Relieve night cramps

We don't necessarily know it, but night cramps are often due to a lack of potassium.

Placing a piece (the equivalent of a good handful) of Marseille soap under your mattress can relieve cramps .

You can also put it under the duvet. It's even better.

Well, if the Marseillaise in me tends to believe that soap is a magic product, in fact this is about chemistry.

Indeed, Marseille soap contains potassium chloride.

The heat released under the quilt facilitatesthe exchange of potassium ions.

Thus, my potassium level is restored and the cramps disappear.

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7. Declutter frying pans

If the non-slip pans are very practical, they are delicate to maintain.

However, a scratched frying pan is a good to throw away frying pan.

At, we wash them by hand.

But even washed pans can give off bad fish smells.

To avoid these smells, it's easy:

1. I do my dishes by hand with my usual washing product. Once washed, I put the pans aside.

2. When my dishes are done, I collect the pans.

I rub my sponge directly on my cube of Marseille soap with olive oil.

3. I clean my frying pan completely again and rinse it.

There is no more bad smell.

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8. Reusing my leftover Marseille soap

So there, we have spoiled you! It's not one, but two solutions that we offer:

1. Make shower gel

It's annoying the little bits of Marseille soap lying around.

If I don't do laundry, I can get free shower gel with my leftovers!

Nothing could be simpler.

I place my bits of soap in a bottle for shower gel, I add very hot water, and I shake for a few minutes.

And a free soap shower gel, one! Check out the trick here.

2. Make a new soap

But, with my leftover soap, I can also make a new soap!

Again, it's very simple:

1. I put my pieces of soap in a saucepan that I heat in a bain-marie.

2. Once the mixture has liquefied, I pour it into a mould.

3. When the soap has stiffened, it's ready!

Check out the whole trick here.

9. Beware of counterfeits!

Marseille soap is one of the most counterfeited products.

But you can easily recognize the real one, soldin the form of cubes or flakes:

- It contains at least 72% vegetable oil (olive in the original recipe or palm).

- There are no animal fats, chemical additives or dyes.

- It is green, verging on brown when made with olive oil, and white when made with palm or copra oil.

- It has a distinctive smell, the authentic soap smelling of olive oil.

- When immersed in water for a long time, the soap will dry out, cracking, it will not become sticky.

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10. Where and at what price to find real Marseille soap

In Marseilles!

Because for those who live far away, soap factories in the region are starting to offer online sales.

The main traditional soap factories in the Bouches-du-Rhône are listed here.

Supermarkets, drugstores, DIY stores... offer Marseille soaps:you have to be vigilant to detect the fake from the real.

You can also find Marseille soap on the Internet.

For a 600 g cube of olive oil, I count €6 approximately (half less if I buy my soap in a raw bar of 4 kg).

Liquid Marseille soap costs from €4 to more than €20 per litre .

A one-kilo bag of Marseille soap-based shavings costs €4 per kilo.

And it costs around €10 per kilo when it comes to pure soap.

Admit that for a single product, it's not bad!

Your turn...

And I'm sure you, dear readers, have other Marseille soap related tips. . I can't wait to read them in the comments, which are there for you.