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THE Trick That Works To Eliminate Odors On Hands Easily.

Smelly fingers?

This often happens when preparing fish...

...or peeling an onion.

The problem is that these odors are not easily removed even by washing with soap!

Fortunately, there is an effective trick to quickly eliminate bad odors on your hands.

The trick is to rub your fingers with the flesh of a lemon and rinse them with cold water. Watch:

  • How to
  • Result

How to

1. Cut a lemon in half.

2. Rub your hands with the flesh of the lemon.

3. Goes well between the fingers and on the nails.

4. Then, rinse them with cold water.


And There you go ! Your hands are rid of their bad smell :-)

In addition, lemon is excellent for your nails because it strengthens and whitens them. Watch this trick here.

Be sure to use cold water to rinse your fingers because hot water has the property of fixing bad odors.