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19 Things ONLY Women Who Don't Care About Fashion Understand.

19 Things ONLY Women Who Don t Care About Fashion Understand.

Fashion hell, you know that expression?

Some women have understood it better than others and refuse to submit to the constraints and dictates of fashion imposed by the media.

Because, in real life, nobody forces them to have their feet stewed by wearing 14 cm heels!

Aren't they less women? Are they neglected for all that?

Probably not, they just like to simplify their lives without being victims of fashion.

19 Things ONLY Women Who Don t Care About Fashion Understand.

Discover the 19 things that only these women can understand:

1. You only have three different hairstyles:loose hair, ponytail or hair tied in a bun.

2. You have a favorite pair of shoes that you can wear with 95% of your wardrobe.

3. Your outfits are, most of the time, a jeans / T-shirt combination.

4. You hold the record for preparation time! What are you going to wear today? And bam, you throw yourself on the first jeans and T-shirt that pass. The aforementioned shoes are added. And There you go ! Boom, you're ready.

5. You love sundresses because they make you look dressed up when all you really have to do is put them on.

6. With your hairdresser, you are ultra cash:the goal of the game is to have an easy-care haircut. Why ? Because spending your time combing your hair is not your lifestyle! Hair styling should remain a pleasure, and possibly a creative game according to your desires. One day with a barrette, the next with a hair band...

7. Makeup ? Just the thought terrifies you. Of course, like all girls, you understand the basics and you can possibly powder your nose a little some mornings.

But, when you come across a YouTube tutorial on "contouring makeup" techniques, the existence of witches now seems very clear to you! Admit that it can be scary :

19 Things ONLY Women Who Don t Care About Fashion Understand.

8. Every time you know you're going to have to wear high heels for an event, you're immediately less motivated to go...

9. However, once you are fully dressed, you feel very proud! Those high heels aren't so bad! Your legs look so much longer! You should wear them more often!

10. And then during the same event, you remember why you hate heels so much. You feel like in the dramatic movie "127 hours". Except that here, your feet are the heroes! You would be able to cut them with a Swiss pocket knife in so much pain.

19 Things ONLY Women Who Don t Care About Fashion Understand.

11. You envy those men who wear a suit with a pair of Converse for certain occasions. It would be frankly the foot, right?

12. When your friends want to go out, your favorite thing is to wear a casual jacket over a T-shirt and some of your favorite jeans.

13. Your friends relish the days you let them "dress you". It's like Christmas, but with dresses, heels and eyeliner!

14. Every time you dress like this, the Cinderella effect occurs:"Whoa! No one recognizes you anymore:you look so different! Who could have guessed that you had such a small waist under all those sweaters? . You should dress like this more often!"

15. The back of your walk-in closet is where you store all your "nice clothes". You drag them out of there just for weddings and funerals. Not more often.

16. When you got a job / internship requiring very strict professional attire, you shed a few tears. Why ? Because honestly you didn't really know what to wear...

17. You quickly understood that you could put a little rock'n roll in all this. How? 'Or' What ? By mixing professional clothes and cooler pieces. Then it all became a mastered art!

18. You have contact lenses at home, but you wear your glasses more often. Simply because you don't want to make the effort to put them on.

19. Going to the gym at the end of the day is just an excuse to wear more comfortable clothes. And above all get rid of those from previous hours.