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How I Eliminate Blackheads With My Toothbrush!

Blackheads on face are ruining your life?

Clearly, you have tried everything to prevent the appearance of blackheads.

And here they are, despite everything, landing on your chin!

Fortunately, I have a radical solution to suggest to remove blackheads .

The advantage is that you necessarily have what you need on hand:a toothbrush and lemon juice. Watch:

  • How to
  • Result

How to

1. I wet my toothbrush with lemon juice .

2. I perform a light circular massage where my blackheads are.

3. I can renew the operation by cleaning my toothbrush with clear water.


There you go, I'm chasing my blackheads and I disinfect the area with lemon juice.

Simple, practical and effective!

You can't always escape blackheads.

And that's normal.

The creams, the soap and the pollution of the big cities...

All these daily aggressions clog our pores which turn into nests of impurities.

But with this inexpensive grandmother's trick, you can get rid of them easily and quickly.

And above all... No, don't pierce your blackheads with your fingernails!

It's the worst solution that will leave you with horrible scars.

Bring a very soft toothbrush , which will only be used for that, of course.

And if you have a little more time, you can try our homemade anti-blackhead patches.

You are now ready for your romantic evening. Will you tell me?