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How do you deal with heat?

How do you deal with heat?

We have a few warm days ahead of us. How can you best deal with this heat in the summer?

1. Let your body get used to it

Your body quickly gets used to heat. Research has shown that if you go outside for 100 minutes a day, your body will get used to the warm weather within four to ten days.

2. Exercise regularly

When you exercise you get hot, your body then behaves partly the same as when you are exposed to the heat outside. Exercise regularly – when it's not hot! – therefore helps your body adapt more quickly to high temperatures. Exercising during the heat is not always a good idea.

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3. Take it easy

When you feel overheated, you can retreat to the shade for a while. However, it takes a while before your body cools down, so sit a little longer than you think you need.

4. Leave the sweat on your skin

Sweat makes it easier for your body to cool down. Therefore, do not wipe the sweat from your body, but let the sweat do its work on your skin.

5. Search public spaces

It has been proven that worker productivity drops as temperatures rise. Not everyone has the luxury of air conditioning, and it also costs a lot of energy. Do you still have something to do? Then find the coolness of an air-conditioned café or library.