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Heat and rubbing thighs:what to do to regain comfort?

Heat and rubbing thighs:what to do to regain comfort? The female morphology is like this:most of us have thighs that touch. With the heat, rubbing can become frankly unpleasant and cause irritation. Here are the steps to take care of it.

In summer, many of us feel heated or even irritated by the friction of our thighs . "All women can suffer from this chafing, it's a question of morphology, it's not necessarily due to being overweight," says Catherine Gillotin, training director at Uriage.

Indeed, only a small number of women, those with thin thighs and wide hips, do not have their thighs touching. It's just a question of morphology.

"The friction of the thighs is not generally a problem, but when the mercury rises, the skin perspires and the conjunction 'friction + heat' will create a painful area, redness, irritation and heating close to a burn." It can be quite painful, not to mention the redness when taking off the shorts to put on a bathing suit.

How to avoid chafing on the inside of the thighs?

  • Keep this area dry and avoid sweating at all costs. If necessary, a little talc can be applied to the crotch to block perspiration. It will need to be applied regularly to ensure good effectiveness.

  • Favor loose clothing, such as wide shorts in light fabrics, a skirt or a dress so as not to add friction with the fabric.

  • Be careful not to let the thighs stick together. Once the skin is clean and hydrated, it is best to wear cotton clothing.

  • Wear microfiber shorties to create a second skin in summer. Another option:anti-friction strips.

  • Apply a greasy ointment such as Vaseline or Egyptian Magic Balm to create a protective layer on the surface.
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How to soothe red and painful thighs?

If we get there despite the preventive reflexes mentioned above, "You have to limit the damage, and relieve sore skin, advises the Uriage expert. We gently cleanse the irritated areas, then we apply an emollient cream that will isolate the epidermis by creating a protective surface layer, and nourishing the skin weakened by friction. Moisturizing and nourishing the skin will relieve pain and prevent residual marks on the thighs."

Our selection of creams to soothe overheated thighs: Bariéderm cream or Bariéderm Cica Crème from Uriage, Cica [MN] from Saint Gervais Mont-Blanc or even CicaPlast Baume B5 from La Roche-Posay. With soothing and healing formulas, these hypoallergenic and fragrance-free dermatological treatments are ideal for heated or irritated skin.

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