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10 tips for a better (beauty) sleep

The blue light emitted by many displays is suspected of inhibiting the production of the sleep hormone melatonin, as it closely resembles daylight. In addition, the blue light penetrates the skin layers and makes them age faster. In professional circles, this phenomenon is known as digital obsolescence. Here are 10 tips for better (beauty) sleep:

Avoid displays
Avoid all screens for about an hour before going to bed. In addition to smartphones and tablets, this also includes notebooks and televisions.

Minimize blue light
If you can't live without your smartphone late at night, make sure the blue light is reduced as much as possible. Many smartphones automatically activate a blue light filter at preset times or at sunset. Blue light filter apps from the App Store offer the same features.

Regular sleep times
Bedtime should be adhered to as much as possible, i.e. always going to bed and getting up at the same time. So that the body can adapt to it.

Sleep-friendly environment
It should be quiet in the bedroom. If the street noise bothers you, sleep with the window closed. Also (nocturnal) active pets, such as hamsters, can get in the way of a good night's sleep. The sleeping environment should be cool (around 18°C) and tidy.

Go to bed Having a routine helps the mind and body slow down and adjust to bedtime. It has a calming and relaxing effect. This can be, for example, a cup of tea or warm milk before going to bed or reading a book – preferably analogous and not too nerve-racking.

Don't overdo power naps
Don't overdo your afternoon nap or power naps. Those who fall asleep for too long (more than 30 minutes) or too often during the day take the pressure off the body in the evening.

Especially important in summer:close the curtains and lower the shutters – the darkness tells the body it's bedtime. If you don't have curtains or anything like that, you can use a sleep mask.

Alarm Clock
What applies to the late evening is also important at night:a classic clock radio is ideal for checking the time. If you look at your smartphone instead, you risk not being able to fall asleep.

Action Anyone who doesn't have a physically demanding job knows the problem:You're mentally exhausted at night, but you still can't think of falling asleep. That is why it is recommended to exercise a lot during the day, preferably in the fresh air.

No alcohol Although alcohol helps many people fall asleep, it prevents deep and relaxed sleep. Therefore:take alcoholic drinks out of your hand before going to sleep!