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This is how you keep couperose under control

This is how you keep couperose under control

Do you have red spots on your face and are you fed up with this? With these solutions you can reduce rosacea.

What is rosacea?

Couperose is a harmless skin condition that mainly occurs in women over the age of 30. The blood vessels in the epidermis become weaker and wider, which can give the face a red glow. Causes of couperose are heredity, excessive UV radiation, fair skin, temperature fluctuations or alcohol use. Although you can reduce rosacea, there is no cure yet.

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If you have mild rosacea, you can opt for electrocoagulation, which improves the skin with an electric current. It is suitable for small areas, because the treatment can be time-consuming and painful.

How does it work?

In this treatment, a thin needle is inserted into the blood vessel. The needle provides current for a few seconds, causing a coagulation process in your blood vessel. This means that the proteins in the blood vessel coagulate and the vessel walls shrivel, as it were. Over time, the blood vessel will be absorbed by your body and it will disappear completely. After two to three weeks, the skin is completely healed.

Aloe Vera

If you suffer from burning or red skin, you can try a cream with Aloe Vera. Although this does not reduce or remove blood vessels, Aloe Vera does have a calming and soothing effect on your face.

How does it work?

Choose a day cream that contains Aloe Vera or use a gel variant to clean your face in the morning and evening. Facial care that contains vitamin B can also help soothe your burning skin. Avoid lotions and gels that contain alcohol, these can aggravate rosacea.

IPL and laser technology

Do you have a more severe form of couperose? Then a treatment with the IPL or laser technique is a good efficient solution. This treatment is risk-free, but always ask your doctor for advice first.

How does it work?

The laser or IPL emits a light pulse on your skin. This energy is absorbed by the red dye in your blood and converted into heat. The heat causes proteins in your blood to clot and, just like with electrocoagulation, this ensures that your blood vessel is destroyed. On average, three to five treatments are required at four-week intervals. Ultimately, about 70 percent of the kegs will disappear.

CC cream

If you want to create an even complexion quickly and easily, a CC cream may be the solution.

How does it work?

Where foundation is opaque, CC cream has been specially developed to equalize color differences in the skin. This makes your face look less red.

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